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Jorge Masvidal Net Worth: Age, Height, Family

Jorge Masvidal is a notorious MMA fighter who was under the UFC brand and former Champion.

His reign as Champion saw so many opposing him but struggled to get any chance until his time came to an end.

He made himself a force and despite his age, there is still more fight left in him but won’t happen due to his retirement.

Jorge Masvidal Net Worth 2023?

Jorge Masvidal Net Worth 2023?

According to Forbes, Famous American UFC Fighter Jorge Masvidal’s Net Worth $15 Million.

His net worth grew from an early age until 2023 when he earned a massive payday.

He has been earning a lot since he decided to take fighting as a professional career in his early days.

His first fight against Matt Lee saw him get paid $18,000 at the Strikeforce Evolution.

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By 2013, he was already earning $60,000 in his fights at the UFC, where things continued to grow further and better.

His earnings did not improve much in 2014, which was still the same for the previous year as things continued.

By 2015, Masvidal increased significantly to $70,000 for taking a fight, which also added other bonuses.

He continued to grow himself while picking up a couple of fights each year, which added more to his earnings.

Masvidal earnings increased again to $100,000 by 2017 and again by 2018 to $120,000.

His status went off the roof in 2019 when he earned $247,000 for a fight, and the same year, he earned $270,000 for a Championship fight.

In 2020, Masvidal was paid $530,000 in a fight against Usman Kamaru; the following year, he got $532,000 for a rematch.

His fight in 2021 against Colby Covington brought him a payday of $871,000, and a rematch in 2022 earned him the same amount.

In 2022, Masvidal was paid $1 million in his fight against Gilbert Burns, which has since increased more.

His fights as of 2023 are earning him a salary of $5.5 million, amongst the biggest paid.

His earnings have allowed him to live a satisfied lifestyle and seek his passion for fighting with his family.

Masvidal is making additional money through sponsorships and bonuses.

He holds endorsement contracts with numerous companies, such as Reebok, Modelo, Brisk, and some undisclosed by the media.

Masvidal earned money from his performance bonuses for several of his fights, which, despite winning or losing, he still got paid hugely.

Masvidal Age

Jorge Masvidal age

He was born November 12, 1984 in Miami, USA. Masvidal is 38 years old, and he is very popular for his record of the fastest knockout in UFC history when he destroyed Ben Askren and won the fight within 5 seconds.

His birthday always happens very late in the year, which he does show off with a party celebration.

He is nearing when people will start seeking his retirement, which could happen in his 40s.

He wants to keep his career going as he will click 39 years old in November 2023, making him one of the legends in UFC.

Jorge Masvidal Biography

Jorge Masvidal Biography

Jorge Masvidal was born on November 12, 1984. The mixed martial arts fighter made his Ultimate Fighting Championship debut in 2013.

He had once fought as a boxer before when he became the AFC Welterweight champion.

He won against Joe Lauzon in a kickboxing bout at Absolute Fighting Championships XII.

Jorge is one of the most successful MMA fighters in the world. He is also one of the Richest MMA Fighters born in Miami, Florida.

He is very famous among popular MMA Fighters. From his early life, Masvidal started with street fighting.

He went on to fight at St. Brendan High School in a wrestling event but failed because of poor grades.

Later On, he started working on training in mixed martial arts and focused on making a career.

Masvidal debuted in Kickboxing at the Fast and Fearless event on April 11, 2003.

Jorge’s most famous kickboxing fight win was against fighter Joe Lauzon on April 30 in the Absolute Fighting Championships XII.

In 2009, Jorge signed for the Bellator in the Lightweight division.

He defeated Nick Agallar using a TKO punch in his debut fight. Masvidal moved into the UFC in 2013.

He had his fight bout against Tim Means in the UFC in April 2013. In 2019, he earned a large amount of money, over $500,000, for his victory against Nate Diaz in the BMF title fight.

Masvidal Kickboxing Career

Masvidal Kickboxing Career

Jorge Masvidal began his kickboxing career in 2003 as a young boy who already had so much training time for his debut.

He fought for several promotions like K-1, Showtime, and World Victory Road while trying to establish and promote himself as a fighter.

He compiled a record of 11-3-1 in Kickboxing, with seven knockouts, which made him a formidable opponent to go up against.

He spent little time as a kickboxer because he could establish himself quickly for UFC attention.

Masvidal retired from Kickboxing in 2011 to focus on his MMA career, which today is one of the biggest.

He has expressed interest in returning to Kickboxing in the future before deciding on full retirement from professional fighting.

Before ending his career as a kickboxer, Masvidal had an impressive run, beating the biggest of names.

Masvidal UFC Career

Masvidal UFC Career

Jorge Masvidal made his UFC appearance in 2013 and has since gathered a record of 13-7 under the brand.

Having secured knockout victories in 16 out of his 20 professional bouts, Masvidal has solidified his reputation as one of the most formidable fighters in the UFC.

His knockout victory over Ben Askren in five seconds at UFC 239 was the fastest knockout in UFC history until 2023.

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He made a name for himself quickly under the UFC, which saw him losing a title against Kamaru Usman in 2020 and the following year.

His reign in UFC is one so many have emulated over time, and others have managed to reach that level.

He still works hard before his fight, which has helped him secure numerous victories under challenging battles.

Known Facts About Jorge Masvidal

Known Facts About Jorge Masvidal

Is Jorge Masvidal Alive or Dead? According to MySportDab Sources, Jorge Masvidal is still alive.

Jorge Masvidal Family? Jorge’s father is Cuban, and his mother is from Peru.

He has two offspring with his former girlfriend.

There needs to be more information if he ever got married to anyone or his current relationship.

Is Jorge Masvidal Married? No, Jorge Masvidal is not married.

Jorge Masvidal Неіght, And Wеіght?Masvidal hеіght іѕ 1.8m tаll, аnd wеіght 77 kg.

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