Danielle Collins Boyfriend: Joe Vollen Bio

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Joe Vollen

Joe Vollen is a professional fits model, former lacrosse midfielder, singer, and Danielle Collins’s boyfriend.

His name became relevant to the public due to his relationship with his partner, a popular tennis figure.

His path works well with him developing more in the modeling industry.

Joe Vollen Biography

Joe Vollen

He was born in the USA. His date of birth is unknown, including other details concerning his identity.

Joe Vollen’s age is unavailable, but sources have claimed he is around his mid-30s, heading to his 40s.

He grew up in the United States with his family members, who are unconfirmed about their nationality.

Joe attended Johns Hopkins University, finishing with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He majored in Psychological Brain Sciences in 2005.

His father’s name is Mr. Vollen. He is a businessman and an entrepreneur, which he does for his profession.

His mother’s name is Mrs. Vollen. She had business dealings and other ventures at a point in her life.

There is no mention of him having any siblings. They all did growing up with their mom and dad.

He is a private person who has a lot put away from the public since he became popular due to his relationship.

Danielle Collins Boyfriend

Danielle Collins

Joe Vollen is Danielle Collins, a professional women’s tennis player, and a businesswoman.

After coming out to the public, they have been enjoying an amazing journey as a couple.

The duo has a lot of chemistry, in which they are also supportive of each other careers whenever they are making moves.

He and Danielle Collins are both private with their affair, knowing how much the media can speculate if they make it too open.

The fact that Danielle Collins is recently dating Tom Couch, her fitness coach, has made her dating life more difficult.

During a tournament, Thomas Couch and Danielle Collins met for the first time in Mexico in the early months of 2019.

At the time, Thomas Couch worked as a fitness instructor for several tennis players who were Australian internationals.

The two started dating the same year that Tom Couch started working with Danielle Collins.

However, the couple decided to end their relationship due to several issues, unspecified reasons, and an unfortunate turn of events.

When Danielle Collins lost to Sofia Kenin in a match during the 2020 French Open, she asked her boyfriend, Tom Couch, to switch positions in the middle of the match.

Something appeared off, despite the female tennis star straightening up a few things for herself.

After a match in the Australian Open, Collins gave Joe Vollen, sitting in the stagings and cheering for her, a kiss and held hands with him.

She wished her fiance well in her on-court interview following her victory in the 2022 Australian Open.

Despite how busy he was with his work, she was pleased to see her boyfriend come to her game to support her.

The couple has shared a lot, and they hope to keep going strong in their relationship, which is just at the beginning.

Joe Career

Vollen Career

Joe Vollen does modeling and singing as a career, and he has gained a lot of success over the years.

He has had to venture into many things throughout his career since finishing University.

He started as a fit model in 2007 and has worked for numerous of the best corporations and brands industry.

Joe rose to fame after dating tennis legend Collins, even though he has established a model career.

The graduate of Johns Hopkins University is active on Facebook and LinkedIn, among other social media platforms. At Marithe + Francois Girbaud, he began his modeling career as a fit model.

He works for a multinational clothing company founded in France by stylists François and Marithé.

His LinkedIn profile indicates that he has worked for this company since 2007. Since October 2012, Joe has been under contract with the publicly traded American fashion company Ralph Lauren.

In addition, he works together with Calvin Klein Jeans, a multinational American fashion trademark. He has signed a contract with Club Monaco.

The New Jersey native followed his music career alongside modeling. He has accompanied Grammy-winning DJ Mark James on guitar.

He has interacted with The 45 King, an American hip-hop music producer and radio DJ from New York City.

Joe Vollen is a success story, and he has achieved a lot along the way, making him a well-known name amongst many people and businesses.

Joe Vollen Net Worth

Joe Vollen Net Worth

Joe Vollen’s net worth is $1 million. He made his career fortune from modeling and music.

Through his modeling career, he has enjoyed a lot of success and revenue, adding to his net worth.

He has worked with many global brands as a model in the United States and other parts of the world.

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Modeling is one of the biggest contributors to Joe Vollen’s earnings due to how regularly he gets to work as a model.

His career also expands into music, and he plays guitar. He has joined up with a pair of names in music and other projects.

He is doing well, just like his partner, a women’s tennis player making a lot for herself.

Danielle Collins is worth over $10 million, which comes from tennis and her other deals in the endorsement.

She is one of the biggest names in women’s tennis, ranked top of the most popular faces on television.

She has many endorsement deals that contribute immensely to her net worth, which keeps growing every year.

Joe Vollen and Danielle Collins are both generating a lot of revenue from their respective careers and are still active.

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