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Israel Adesanya Net Worth: Age, Biography

Israel Adesanya is a mixed martial arts athlete, UFC Championship holder, and a social media icon.

His career as a fighter has been running for a long period till this moment losing has belt.

He was recently dethroned from his position as the Champion, but he has faced the same once and will come back.

Israel Adesanya Net Worth 2023

Israel Adesanya Net Worth

According to Forbes, Israel Adesanya Net Worth is $4 Million, and he currently earns a large sum of money from UFC pay-per-view bouts.

After he became the famous UFC Middleweight Champion, his income for each UFC bout and sponsorship revenue increased.

Adesanya earned $400,000 in revenue, which includes a $200,000 winning bonus and $200,000 guaranteed income.

After his fight against Robert Whittaker, he earned almost $500,000, which includes $400,000 cash, $50,000 for performance, and $40,000 from sponsorship deals.

Israel earned $500,000 for the fight against Yoel Romero on March 8. Adesanya earned $350,000 for another battle against Kelvin Gastelum.

The money earned increased since he became the Champion who held a belt.

He is one of the most prominent attractions in the UFC, consistently delivering highly-watched pay-per-view events with his fights.

He can command a higher purse than he did earlier in his career, which he makes more than his opponent.

He is earning around $1.3 million as of 2023 for his fights. He will be defending his belt in 2023, which will happen in September.

Israel Adesanya Biography

Israel Adesanya Biography

Israel Adesanya was born in Lagos, Nigeria, on July 22, 1989. He currently is a 34-year-old UFC fighter. I

Adesanya is a famous Nigerian MMA Fighter. He has performed very well in the Middleweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Israel has thousands of followers on his popular Instagram account.

He attended an elementary school’s Taekwondo club during his childhood.

Adesanya is one of the most successful MMA Fighters from Nigeria. He is the Richest MMA Fighter born in Lagos, Nigeria.

Israel became well-known worldwide after his new official contract with UFC in 2018.

He won his biggest bout at the Hex Fighting Series 12 event against Stuart Dare.

He moved from Nigeria, West Africa, to New Zealand at an early age.

His father’s name is Oluwafemi Adesanya. He is an accountant who works in a bank and runs another enterprise.

His mother’s name is Taiwo Adesanya. She is a Nurse who works at the hospital and is a homemaker.

He did enjoy his early days in Nigeria, where he did his schooling and started training as a fighter.

He studied at Chrisland School, which is in Opebi, Lagos. Simultaneously, he pursued taekwondo alongside his education during that period.

In 1999, Adesanya moved to Ghana, which was a place where her entire family had their home and lived together.

Due to his education, his parents had to make a move, which saw them moving with Adesanya landing in New Zealand as a 10-year-old.

He was a student at Rotorua Boys’ High School, where he continued his education and lost interest in Sports due to injury.

His life was challenging schooling in New Zealand, as many would bully him daily.

His experience with bullies made him decide to pursue a career as a martial arts fighter.

He went on to claim a degree in Science at the Universal College of Learning, and by 18 years, he started his career as a fighter.

Adesanya Kickboxing Career

Adesanya Kickboxing Career

Adesanya began his kickboxing career in 2010, which was something he was trying to make a comeback.

He steadily built through the ranks quickly; by 2014, he won the Glory middleweight championship.

Adesanya defended the title five times before retiring from kickboxing in 2018, which was shocking for many.

His retirement wasn’t to stop him from fighting as he decided to move on to a bigger platform.

During his kickboxing career, Adesanya compiled a record of 75-5-2, which was a massive one.

He mostly took down opponents with his flashy striking style and knockout power.

He also developed a reputation for being one of the most brutal fighters to hit when going up against him.

Adesanya’s kickboxing career massive victory over Tyrone Spong in 2016 was his most significant.

Spong was considered one of the best kickboxers in the world at the time, and Adesanya’s victory was a significant upset that shocked many fans.

His career as a kickboxer was short due to his getting offers, which saw him transition into the UFC.

Adesanya UFC Career

Adesanya UFC Career

Israel Adesanya is an athlete with a professional career and a contract with the UFC brand.

Adesanya began training in kickboxing at 18 and quickly became one of the best kickboxers in the world.

In 2014, he clinched the Glory middleweight championship and successfully defended the title on five occasions.

In 2018, Adesanya made his mixed martial arts debut, which was epic as he quickly established himself.

He rapidly ascended the ranks and achieved victory in 2019 by securing the UFC middleweight championship.

Adesanya has since defended the title four times and is considered one of the best middleweight fighters in the world.

He is a master of kickboxing and Muay Thai, and he has devastating knockout power many opponents have suffered.

He is also a brilliant fighter, always looking for ways to outwit his opponents, with most of his strikes going to the legs.

In 2023, Adesanya lost his UFC middleweight championship against Jared Cannonier on September 10.

His achievement as a fighter goes across the globe and sports in general.

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In 2019, he became the first UFC fighter to knock out Anderson Silva, a dominant force in the Octagon.

Adesanya defeated Paulo Costa unanimously in a fight that gathered a massive buzz in 2020.

He beat Robert Whittaker to retain his belt in 2021, which was ended by a unanimous decision.

Israel Adesanya Facts

Israel Adesanya Facts

1. He is 34 years old.

2. He once bought a Ferrari worth $700,000.

3. He is Nigerian.

4. He lives in New Zealand

5. He is a trendy figure in Nigeria.

Is Israel Alive or Dead? According to Wikipedia, Israel Adesanya is alive.

Israel Adesanya Age? He is 34 years old and was born in Lagos, Nigeria, by his parents.

Israel Adesanya, Married? No, he is not married.

Israel Adesanya’s Girlfriend? His relationship status is unknown in 2020.

Israel Adesanya Instagram? You can follow him on Instagram (@stylebender).

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