BatManStream: Top 10 Best Sports Streaming Alternatives

BatManStream is a top sports streaming website to watch live sports matches on the internet and have BatManStream Football, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, rugby, baseball, racing and over sports around the world.


Using BatManStream is very easy and can be used immediately after visiting the website home page for users in any country across the world.

They have a feature which allows users to see very live matches in all sports in a particular section. Streaming on BatManStream is always in HD Quality which is the best but can consume a huge amount of data to complete streaming any live match.

Top 10 BatManStream Alternative Sports Streaming Website


12thplayer offers sports streaming for various sports such as 12thPlayer hockey, 12thPlayer Tennis, 12thPlayer Basketball and many more.

They have a very simple website design which makes it very easy to use for anyone both on mobile and pc or any other device with an internet connection.

The only issue on 12thPlayer is advertising, they have various advertisements which can be very annoying for everyone so it is advisable to use an ad blocker before accessing this website.


CricFree is another alternative compared to BatManStream and its a sports streaming brand which provides accurate access to various sports events such as CricFree Golf, CricFree Basketball, CricFree Darts, CricFree Baseball and many more.

They have more than 12 different categories with sub-sections for each sport such as the English Premier League, La Liga, and others under the Football section and the same for various sports.

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Sport365 is a very popular sports streaming website that allows you to watch various sports channels.

It provides almost all sports such as Sport 365 Football, Basketball, Cricket, WWE, Baseball, Hockey, MotoGP, Cycling, Rugby, Handball, Boxing and in various streaming qualities such as HD and others.

However, Sport365 which serves as an alternative for BatManStream, now requires for you to log in which means you would have to create an account on the website and provide some personal pieces of information such as Name, Location e.t.c.

Before checking Sport365 website kindly make us of an ad-blocker this is due to the excess advertisements on the website as at when this article was published.


VIPLeague is a great sport streaming brand with simple and organized website design.

This website home page is very easy to navigate as each top category is shown in large shape and the Thumbnails make it easy to find your preferred match faster and easier.

Every VipLeague category has the option for pieces of information about the matches you wish to stream in VipLeague Football, VipLeague Basketball, VIPLeague NFL, VIPLeague and others.

VipLeague standout from many sports streaming websites for its quality design, mobile-friendly interface, provides useful matches pieces of information and large thumbnail icons to make navigation easy for its users.

It has only one issue which is very known among all sports streaming websites and its advertisements.

They have various Pop-Ups which are very well timed so it is advised as always to use an ad-blocker when visiting VIPLeague.


SportStream is an online sports streaming platform which provides live sporting events from all over the world.

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They are another great option for every sports fan out there from any country in the world.

SportStream has no restriction on any country users and can be accessed globally at any time of the day.

They have various categories of sports such as Football, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, handball, motorsports, racing, hockey, and many other sports.

SportStream doesn’t only provide live streaming, they also have the option for Live Betting and currently supports brands such as Bwin, Interwetten, and others.


Atdhe is a very old sport streaming website which offers great services to football fans all over the world.

This website has various streaming categories such as Atdhe Football, Atdhe Basketball, Atdhe Tennis, Atdhe Baseball, Atdhe Handball, Atdhe Rugby, Atdhe Hockey and many more sports.

Atdhe have a very simple website design which makes it easy for users to navigate around the website.

To use Atdhe, make sure to use an-blocker due to the consist number of Pop Ups which directs you to a betting brand and this is clearly very annoying.


Wiziwig is a complete sports streaming website and a fantastic Batmastream like website in the sports streaming industry.

It also offers Live TV Shows, Live Radio and very easy to use website interface making life very free and less complicated for any sports fan across the world.

They also have various sports streaming categories such as Wiziwig Football, Wiziwig Basketball, Wiziwig Tennis, Wiziwig Rugby, Wiziwig NFL, Wiziwig Baseball, Wiziwig Cricket, Wiziwig Boxing.

Wiziwig App offers applications that allow you to stream online Live Tv, Live Sports and more without using any browser on your mobile phone, with a great friendly interface.

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Stream2Watch is a great solution for online sports streaming fans and a quality BatManStream alternative for all sports on the internet, with an attractive and advisable quality website design.

Also, it has have sports categories such as Stream2Watch Movies, Stream2Watch Boxing, Stream2Watch Football and other sports.

Some of the top leagues you can watch at Stream2Watch include English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, USA Major League Soccer and Champions League.

Stream2Watch also allows you to stream top channels like FOX, NBC, Discovery World, MTV, National Geographic and others.


LiveTV is a top sports streaming brand and can be used instead of BatManStream when you wish to stream sports.

It can be used to watch various leagues such as Bundesliga, English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Europa League and also the Champions League.

They have various well-known categories which are LiveTV Android, LiveTV Streaming, LiveTV news, LiveTV App, LiveTV Online and LiveTV mobile.

10. Sportp2p:

Sportp2p is a great sports streaming site and one of the best compared to BatManStream providing online sports streaming contents.

Also, it includes many categories such as Football, Tennis, Boxing, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Motor Sports, and others.

This website is also used to watch various top leagues all over the world such as English Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Champions League, and others.


I hope you enjoyed this list of websites like Batmanstream from all over the world, also these websites are free to use but some of them might require you to sign-up for an account which is not very difficult, let us know what you think in the comment section.

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