PutLocker Movies: Top 5 Best Alternatives

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PutLocker Movies

PutLocker is a viral online movie streaming website that provides you all genres of PutLocker movies at no cost.

But there can be situations where PutLocker could go offline, to solve this problem we have created a list of Putlocker alternatives.

90% of movie online streaming websites are brought down by the government due to bad advertising and privacy violations.

It is good to be careful while checking different movie websites on the internet because of unsafe ads, links, and more, which can be harmful to you and your computer.

Some movie streaming websites also upload illegal and pirated, which is not allowed in most countries across the world.

PutLocker Movies Review

PutLocker Movies

Putlocker Movies has been in existence for years now and continued to provide the best of online video content to thousands of users daily.

This website covers different genres of TV shows and movies such as Drama, Action, Crime, Horror, Adventure, Gaming, and others.

Another reason users love this website is its ability to separate movies based on country, genre, year, IMBD ratings, and other factors.

You do not have to sign up or become a user of Putlocker to watch your favorite movies because they don’t keep any personal information.

The main problem with these movie streaming sites is links and adverts, which are not suitable for different movies, do ensure to check a link before clicking on it to avoid painful stories later on.

To ensure safety and stop movie piracy, some governments have banned Putlocker for all its citizens within that country, but people can still access such sites using Free or Paid VPN services online.

Despite bans, Putlocker has found a way of using different extensions and changing its name over the past few years but still retains its quality as a top movie provider in the industry.

Now, if you are looking for the best sites like Putlocker online today, you are at the right place and check out the list.

Top 5 Best PutLocker Movies Alternatives

1) NitesMovies

This website provides users a quality movie streaming service with a perfect and straightforward website despite making it very easy for everyone to navigate the website sections without any problems.

NitesMovies like Putlocker have struggled a lot in recent years, but its owners have finally come up with a much better approach to provide the best video quality of TV shows and movies.

There are different movie categories to choose from, which include sci-fi, comedy, action, romance, and many more.

Every movie has a written summary and IMDB rating that shows people if it’s worth their time watching or finding another movie.

There is no need to register, but you would need an account to comment on any film or to save movies to view later on.

Another useful feature of MitesMovies is fewer adverts, They are not like most movie websites that disturb users with different advertising offers to make life very difficult for everyone.

They also have an android app published on the Google Play Store that helps you to watch and download your favorite movies with less stress.

NitesMovies Facts:

Good website design.
Users don’t have to register.
Hundreds of movies added daily.
No excess advertisements.

2) Yes!Movies

Yes!Movies are still among the best movie streaming sites today on the internet thanks to its simple design and website interface.

They have a dark website theme with a simple context menu, which is very attractive and helps you find any movie you are interested in watching live at no cost.

All TV shows and movies on Yes!Movies have their summary, IMDB ratings, genre, country, and year the film was released.

However, This website has a prolonged loading speed, which can be frustrating when using a slow speed internet network while trying to watch any move.

The advertisements on this website are the only bad feature here because it can get very frustrating and block you from being able to watch the movies available.

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Yes!Movies Facts:

Slow website speed.
Beautiful website theme.
Across the world movies.
Some movies are not in HD.
Excessive advertising.

3) Vumoo

Vumoo is a perfect Putlocker alternative in the online movie streaming world with high-quality video content for all users.

You can watch different TV Shows, movies, and more classified in terms of the year, genre, ratings, country, and others.

The website speed here is fast, but the homepage has too many different contents that can prove to be very frustrating for anyone trying to watch their favorite shows online.

Vumoo Facts:

Massive movie database.
No fee is required.
Online chat feature.
Domain issues.
Annoying ads.
Some low-quality movies.

4) WatchFree

WatchFree is not precisely like Putlocker but still provides an excellent movie quality streaming service with an effortless and user interactive website design.

This website is updated daily new and old movies due to high demand from thousands of visitors across the world without any barriers.

It offers different website interfaces for users to pick. The search bar is also another useful and notable feature to find any movie and get the right to watching as soon as possible.

People can also get a list of the best movies based on different factors such as country, IMBD ratings, years, letters. But not all videos here are of HD quality, and some ads can disturb while you surf through.

WatchFree Facts

Simple website design.
Movie categories.
No registration needed.
Some low video quality movies.
Many ads.

5) Moviewatchers

MovieWatchers helps you to find any new or old movie/ TV show you wish to watch. You can use this website to view all genres of movies, including Romance, Drama, Comedy, Adventure, and many more.

MovieWatchers is a great Putlocker alternative because it offers movies that are still active in theaters in a different section and also shows their IMDB ratings. Each film or TV show has its own IMDB score, video resolution, summary, and more data.

The issue with this website is an excessive advertisement, which is shown all over the site, but these ads remain very important to provide more quality content for users daily.

MovieWatchers Facts:

Ads redirect users
Excellent mobile-friendly website design.
IMBD rating feature.
Most movies are available.


With all the Putlocker alternatives talked about in this article, now you can watch every movie and TV Show from different websites at no cost.

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