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Dani Alves Sends Open Handwritten Letter From Prison To Wife After Divorce!

Dani Alves

Dani Alves has sent an open handwritten letter from prison to his ex-wife after divorce, MySportDab reports.

Dani Alves’ Wife Joana Sanz took to her Instagram handle to announce her divorce from Dani Alves following his arrest and prosecution by Spanish authorities.

The embattled Brazil international and former PSG right-back came was arrested by Spanish police on January 20 after a woman accused him of raping her in a nightclub in Barcelona.

According to the woman, Dani Alves forcefully assaulted her sexually in a bathroom in a nightclub in Barcelona.

After the incident, she texted and inform her friends and bouncers at the club who got the police involved for the arrest and prosecution of Dani Alves.

Dani Alves has denied assaulting the woman sexually, saying he got her consent before the having sex with her.

However, after his arrest, the Spanish court ruled Dani Alves should be remanded in custody.

Since January, Dani Alves has languished in Brians 2 prison in Barcelona and her relationship with his wife Joana Sanz, 29, has deteriorated.

Joana Sanz once visited Dani Alves in the prison and denied rumors she is pushing for divorce from Dani Alves after the arrest and prosecution.

Dani Alves

However, last week, Joana Sanz took to her Instagram handle to announce her divorce from Dani Alves.

The news of the breakup is said to have weakened Dani Alves who refused to eat, going on a hunger strike due to devastation and disappointment.

Now, the Barcelona legend has delivered a handwritten open letter to Joana Sanz highlighting his disappointment and his resolve to fight on and come out of the incident.

Dani Alves’s full letter to Joana Sanz reads;

“Since the day I met you, we have stuck and grown together, since the first minute we began our life.

“We followed each other through the years, giving each other strength and nurturing each other.

“Now, I know we are having a difficult time. but I regret you have called for divorce when I have longed for us to stay together. I would have loved you to give me another chance to love you again.

“I know very well this situation is putting us through unbearable pain and I know you are not able to stand the pressure.

“The accusations leveled against me are untrue. I have always upheld the values of effort, respect, and love for my life.

“I will fight as I always do without relenting with the support of people close to me and will prove that I am innocent.”

Dani Alves may likely face a lengthened prison sentence if found guilty of the rape charge.

He is currently remanded in custody in Brians 2 prison in Barcelona.

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