Who Is Tiger Woods? Career? Net Worth?

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Who Is Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is an American Legendary golf player, philanthropist, businessman, and entrepreneur.

He is a legendary figure worldwide due to his achievement in sports and how he has affected lives.

His fame is one so many hope to achieve in their career. He is also one of the wealthiest sportsmen in the World.

Who Is Tiger Woods

Who Is Tiger Woods

He was born December 30, 1975, in Cypress, California. Tiger Woods is 47 years old today.

He celebrates one year older at the end of 2023, which is still far away. He always enjoys his birthdays with his family.

He is from the African-American race on the side of his father. He is also part of Thailand from the side of his mother.

He described his ethnicity and race as Cablinasian, which is a mix of all parts from his father and mother.

His father’s name is Earl Woods. He is a retired Army in the United States and a brave veteran of the Vietnam War.

He is one individual who is well decorated by the United States of America Army, where he holds so many ranks to date.

His mother’s name is Kultida Woods. She is the only living parent of the golf player who is always supporting him.

Tiger Woods’s childhood was one in which he lived with his parents and half-siblings from his father’s other wife.

He grew up in a big home where they had so many thanks to his father, who is in the U.S. Army. His daddy was constantly out due to his employment.

He has two brothers and a sister from another mother, but both share the same father with the last name Woods.

His birth name is Eldrick Tont Woods. His name changed to Tiger Woods which is now a brand for his career.

Woods Career

Woods Career

He is a golf player by profession. Tiger Woods is one of the most extensively prosperous golfers on planet earth.

His introduction to golf happened when he was just two years old. His father made him love the game.

Earl Woods was an armature golf and baseball player at the University.

His father introduced him to playing golf. He also had a passion for baseball from an early age.

His dreams of being a baseball player crashed after tearing his rotator cuff, which made him stop.

Thanks to his father, woods had the opportunity to train himself as a golf player at the Joint Forces Training Base.

He also had access to a lot of space and environment, which helped build him fast into the player he is today.

His expedition to evolving into a proficient golfer began in college when Stanford University recruited him.

He had so many offers before choosing Stanford in 1994. He enrolled under a golf scholarship and won his first event in the same year.

He went on to defend his U.S. Amateur title. He was voted player of the year, male freshman, and others.

Tiger Woods success was coming fast as he made his first PGA tournament at age 19.

When he was 20 years old, he had already become the only person to defend three amateur titles successfully.

He had to abandon college to pursue golf professionally. He relocated out of California to make good of his career as a professional.

He turned professional at the age of 20 and immediately got the biggest deal in history with the sports brand Nike Inc, among others.

He quickly established himself, getting a name in the Sportsman of the year alongside also rookie of the year in 1996.

He won his foremost title as a proficient on April 13, 1997, which was Master. He won his first major as the youngest ever, being 21 years old.

The rest of his career has been a success, as he remains active today despite being 47 years old.

He is the only player to rank number one for 683 weeks since June 1997. He has 82 PGA tour win, which is tied all time.

He holds 41 European tour wins, which place him 3rd in the records. He has both three wins in Japan and Australia tours.

Tiger Woods has two Asia tour win. He is a fellow of the Golf Hall Of Fame, which he was inducted in 2021.

Woods Car Crash

Woods Car Crash

He survived a severe car accident on February 23, 2021, at Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

His car rollover was claimed many times, causing a lot of wrecks before he was rushed to the hospital.

The car crash happened at Hawthorne Boulevard. Woods was on a journey with only him inside the car leading to the impact.

He was rushed to Harbor–UCLA Medical Centre, where he was admitted and cared for before recovering.

The police who investigated the accident claimed Woods was driving double the speed limit of 80 mph before the accident.

He was lucky to come out alive, but he did suffer some damages, which led to surgeries being carried out on his legs.

He recovered fully from the accident soon after, which was the biggest scare of his life, as he opened up in interviews.

Tiger Woods Net Worth

Tiger Woods Net Worth

His net worth is $1.1 billion as of 2023. He makes his fortune from golf and endorsement deals.

He is the richest ever golf player in history. He is also one of the wealthiest sportsmen in the World.

During his prime, he won many titles and tournaments, which all accumulated a lot of money.

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He has the most important deal with Nike Inc. He is one of their most prominent brands, and they also pay a lot.

Aside from his career, he is also a businessman who owns a sizeable amount of business in the United States.

He has invested a lot in clothing and other accessories which are being sold worldwide.

A lot of brands are using his trademark name. He owns some.

Tiger Woods currently ranks number 14 in the Forbes list of highest-earning athletes with $68 million.

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