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Corrie Bird Bio: Larry Bird Daughter

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Corrie Bird

Corrie Bird is a businesswoman and the child of legendary NBA former player Larry Bird.

A lot about her life has been a subject of hot speculation, mostly about her and her parents.

She is a woman who has broken a lot making something for herself aside from her father’s name, which is like a shadow over her.

Corrie Bird Biography

Corrie Bird

She was born August 14, 1977, in one of the famous places in the United States of America called Indiana.

Corrie Bird is 45 years old today, 2022, and she has already marked another glorious year on earth which was all about her and her family coming together.

She is from a white background and a family with a long history in the United States of America, where they have been for ages.

Name Corrie Bird
Age 45 Years Old
Date Of Birth August 14, 1977
Parents Larry Bird
Janet Condra
Children Violet Marie
Sebastian Grey

The family line Corrie is so long that she is tied with so many famous people who have made a lot for themselves.

Her father is Larry Bird, a famous name in the history of the NBA, where he has played and coached.

Her mother’s name is Janet Condra, and she is the subject of so many talks as she had a marriage with Larry, which involved them adopting children.

She is the only biological child both of her parents had together during their marriage.

She also has adopted siblings whom they all associate together as brothers and sisters over the years.

Her adopted siblings’ names are Connor and Mariah; she also uses the last name Bird in full.

Corrie growing up wasn’t too bad despite being the only child of her parents for a long time before she had siblings.

She grew up as a celebrity child with everything they could ever wish for in terms of the perfect and easy lifestyle.

Corrie Bird didn’t lack so much, but many might also say she did lack having her parents always available at all times.

Larry Bird Daughter

Larry Bird Daughter

Corrie Bird is the only biological daughter of former NBA player, coach, and now executive Larry Bird.

She gave a good connection with her dad despite her already being a grown woman with a family.

They frequently socialize jointly whenever there is a family gathering, which occurs often.

Aside from her relationship with her father, Corrie is also a married woman with a family.

Despite the distance, there is always a father and daughter time between Corrie Bird and Larry Bird.

Her father made sure he was present more often when Corrie was still younger, knowing his career was then booming.

During his active playing days, Larry Bird was regarded as one of the best NBA players to ever graced the court.

His career was magical as he had the opportunity of making a name for himself which still does a lot for his family.

Corrie has always been blessed to know her father’s name is in the book of history and is something she is proud of daily.

She also had the opportunity of watching his father play basketball during his active days.

Corrie Bird is still close to her father, Larry Bird, today, and it is something that can’t be broken, knowing how much they meant to each other.

Corrie Education

Corrie Education

Corrie Bird had the opportunity of attending the best schools in the United States of America when growing up.

Coming from a wealthy family is a plus; her parents invested a lot in ensuring she had a good education from childhood.

From an early age, she was enrolled in a nursery school to ensure she learned the basics and improved greatly as a little child.

She developed quickly as a child with a lot of investment from her parents, which put her in the right education channel.

She started full by attending a school in her community in Indiana, where she did well enough to improve herself for the future.

Her education continued to flourish from her childhood as she also had so much interest in learning.

She also moved to another grade in her education, changed schools, and continued learning more to make herself a better person.

Her higher institution is expected to have also happened at Indiana University, where she must have claimed a degree in business or management.

She currently works as a manager for AP&S Clinic, where she works in the family medicine department.

Corrie Bird’s education is working so well for her today as she isn’t in the same line as her father, a sportsman.

Corrie Bird Family

Corrie Bird Family

Corrie Bird is a family woman married to Trent Theopolis Batson, and they have two biological children together.

Her family life has also come under heavy criticism by the media, knowing Corrie is a famous woman.

Her marriage with her husband is one of those stories in which she married him knowing he had a former wife and children.

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Trent Theopolis Batson’s children’s names from his other marriage are Samantha and Christian.

Corrie Bird and Trent have lived concurrently for an extended period, and things are still solid.

They tied the knot on May 17, 2008, which will now make it 14 years of being together in their marriage.

Corrie gave birth to her initial offspring, a daughter called Violet Marie, and was held on June 18, 2012.

Her firstborn daughter is ten years old as of 2022, while she had her second child, a son named Sebastian Grey.

He was born on April 20, 2017, and he is now five years old and still a baby growing up fast.

Corrie Bird is a successful wife and mother who made her father Larry Bird and grandfather with more children to call his own.

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