Collette Foley Bio: Mick Foley Wife

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Collette Foley

Colette Foley is an American actress and is best known as the wife of WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley.

Colette Foley combines her actress and writer talents, which have worked so well for her for many years.

In addition, she has a prominent public profile as the spouse of WWE legend Mick Foley, widely considered one of the best wrestlers in the company’s illustrious history.

Collette Foley Biography

Collette Foley

She was born in the United States of America, and there is no information concerning her actual date of birth.

Collette Foley’s age is also unknown for the main time, but from her appearance, she could be in her late 50s.

She had a very American upbringing from childhood when she was still under the care of her parents.

It has been revealed that Collette prefers to keep her personal life to herself as she hasn’t revealed too much to the public.

NameCollette Foley
Age28 Years Old
Date Of BirthOctober 31, 1994
HusbandMick Foley
ChildrenNoel Foley, Foley Jr., Hughie Francis, and Michael Francis.

More nuanced information will be forthcoming in this fashion; we couldn’t get enough for now.

Our investigation has revealed that no information about her family history is available, and it is also unknown if she has any living relatives.

Neither Collette’s educational background nor the schools she attended are known with any degree of certainty.

This information is still being verified and will be updated whenever we receive it from a reliable source.

She was found to be 1.88 meters in height. But she has learned to keep her subtleties hidden from the public.

Her length, weight, and other measures are unspecified due to her not making some social appearances.

Collette Career

Collette Career

Collette Foley is an American actress who has done so well to achieve a lot in her career since she started.

In her debut film, Deadbeats, released in 1996, her husband played a former criminal turned debt collector.

Her character was a pretty young thing he picked up at a pub, and from there, they started getting along.

As of 2015, she was most known for her role as herself in the satirical Television movie Mick Foley: Cheap Pops.

However, following the delivery of a few reviews and promos in October, WWE abruptly withdrew all information about the film from their website and refused to distribute it.

Building Off the Grid: Cliff House (2017), in which Collette appears, is a recent example of her penchant for unconventional narrative styles.

Some have speculated that this was a response by the company to Mick’s more critical tone toward it as of late.

Some people concede the possibility that it contained content they deemed unsuitable for broadcast.

According to the document, well-liked job employee, Gregg Smith pledges to construct Foley and Mick a cliffside house in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Foley had her most memorable Television debut on a 2012 episode of “Celebrity Wife Swap.”

Foley and her family made a cameo appearance on Mick’s new reality show Holey Foley! in 2016, giving viewers a glimpse into Mick’s life as a husband and father.

The show has only aired one season thus far, but it will likely be for a second season.

Mick Foley Wife

Mick Foley Wife

Collette Foley is the wife of former professional wrestler and WWE hall of Famer Mick Foley.

Collette Foley and Mick Foley married on April 24, 1992, following a period of courtship and getting to know each other.

Shortly after the couple married, their first child was born; Collette and Mick currently have four children.

Collette has four children, a daughter named Noel Foley and three sons named Foley Jr., Hughie Francis, and Michael Francis.

Mick Foley is highly regarded as a WWE legend and is commonly referred to as Mankind throughout the WWE universe.

In addition, he is the only wrestler to enter the Royal Rumble battle with three distinct identities, which occurred during the 1998 Royal Rumble.

When the Undertaker threw his character, Mankind, from the top of the Hell in a Cell, it was one of the most significant sporting incidents in history.

He earned his debut in wrestling in 1983, and since then, he has brought about a name for himself.

Foley has worked for wrestling promotions brands such as W.W.F., W.C.W., E.C.W., T.N.A., and N.W.A.

Foley announced his retirement after losing a Hell in a Cell bout to Triple H but returned to WWE as a commissioner and commentator.

He won the world title four times and the world tag team title eleven times before retiring from the ring.

In 2013, Foley was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame after an illustrious career that lasted for many years.

Collette Foley has always been a huge fan of her husband, Mick Foley, ‘s successful wrestling career.

Collette Foley Net Worth

Collette Foley Net Worth

Collette Foley net worth is $18,000,000 Million, all from her career as an actress and other deals.

Regardless, she has worked out how to conceal her intricacies from the wider public.

Therefore, Collete has revealed how to conceal her complexities from wider society.

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He appearance in movies has also been one of the major parts of her career that contributed a lot to her net worth.

She also worked some side jobs in which she was paid a lot, adding to all she has made in her career.

She uses up most of her income on her household as she and her husband discern that they slash everything.

Collette Foley is a woman who has earned a lot, and her husband, Mick Foley, is also worth so much.

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