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Taylor Bisciotti

Taylor Bisciotti is a sports journalist, anchor, reporter, and the girlfriend of NFL player Justin Herbert.

She is a successful woman who has achieved great things for herself concerning her impeccable line of work.

She is mostly into sports journalism as an NFL reporter who headlines the daily news that deals mainly with American football.

Taylor Bisciotti Biography

Taylor Bisciotti

She was born in 1991 to her parents in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. Taylor Bisciotti is 31 years old.

She is of white ethnicity and heritage, with her family being American natives who have spent all their lives in the country of their ancestors.

Her childhood wasn’t a bad one for her; she did have a fantastic time growing up in her community which helped a lot in her becoming the woman she is today.

Her parents’ names are not available at the moment as she hasn’t shared that part of her life with anyone up until this moment despite the question coming up.

She did have both parents heavily involved in her life when growing up, and they impacted her so much that they helped her navigate into the successful person she is today.

Taylor Bisciotti wasn’t the only child of her parents, and she grew up alongside her sibling, who was only her brother, plus she also had her cousins.

Her brother’s name is Kyle Bisciotti, while her three cousins’ names are Jason, Jack, and Michael, all did their growing up together.

She also has an uncle who is named Steve Bisciotti, who is a very wealthy man that also owns a Baltimore Ravens, which is football team.

Justin Herbert Girlfriend

Justin Herbert Girlfriend

Taylor Bisciotti is the girlfriend of NFL quarterback Justin Herbert who plays for the Los Angeles Chargers.

The relationship between the couple is a bit somehow for now as it is still low-key with them getting to know more.

Taylor Bisciotti and Justin Herbert relationship is currently a rumor for now, with multiple sources only making out theories.

They are both yet to confirm a relationship is going on between themselves despite how much is happening in their recent dealings.

Before the news of Justin Herbert’s relationship, Taylor was recently in a committed relationship with TV personality Brian McFayden.

Their relationship continued for a long time after falling in love with each other which unfortunately didn’t last long.

They always shared pictures of themselves on social media in 2016.

The romance between McFayden and Taylor ended in 2017 when they both stopped talking or posting about each.

Some sources later claimed that they did end things and went their separate ways as they no longer shared the love that was once there between them.

Justin Herbert is now the man in Taylor’s life, and for now, it is more of a relationship that they are yet to make public.

On January 2022, Taylor Bisciotti uploaded her interview moment with Justin Herbert, which cast more light on their being together.

Fans were quick to react to the posted picture, and they had a lot of things to say about being together in a relationship.

They are both mute and have yet to come out publicly to confirm their relationship rumors are true.

Many have painted a picture of the couple already starting up a life of their own in the nearest future, which they feel is going on but what to keep lowkey.

They both maintain their silence, and we wait to see what happens in the future between them.

Taylor Education

Taylor Education

Taylor Bisciotti is an ideally educated woman who passed through every process of her getting the best education in life from childhood.

Her academic life is one impeccable journey with success stories written all over as she excelled in every class.

As a child, her parents invested so much in making sure she got the perfect education needed to enable her to overcome so much as of today.

She attended a nursery school not far from where her entire family resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Her parents were always involved in Taylor’s education which was carefully taken care of and followed through as she grew up.

During her days as a teenager, she moved up and attended other schools where she was known to be a brilliant student with good grades.

Her remarkable knowledge was so good as a young girl who always made it her job to learn more.

She got the opportunity of attending the University of Georgia, where she did get a degree in Business Marketing and Broadcast Journalism.

She did pursue her dreams as a Journalist when she was still schooling, with her many interests in American football.

Taylor Bisciotti Career

Taylor Bisciotti Career

Taylor has a great success story which has seen her achieving so much in a work-life dominated by males.

Following her graduation from the University, she got her first job working as an intern with an organization called WUSA, located in Washington.

During her first job, she tried a side hustle to pursue her true passion, which was sports journalism.

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Later she had the opportunity of working with a sideline sports reporter for the SEC (Southeastern Conference), which gave her a chance at other jobs.

She got her breakthrough working with top sports television networks like ESPN and others, which was a good experience for her career.

She grew into the world of sports, earning the opportunity to host and work for Sporting News.

Her stay with Sporting News earned her the opportunity of becoming part of the NFL Network.

She currently still works with the NFL Network, where she has stayed for a long with a lot of success coming from that aspect of her career.

She is the youngest person ever to get hired by the NFL network, with her appearing on so many shows.

Taylor Bisciotti works for Los Angeles full-time as a sports anchor mainly focused on the NFL.

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