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Ryan Cabrera

Ryan Cabrera is an American singer, guitarist, and the husband of WWE superstar Alexa Bliss.

He is a successful man who has paved the way for himself in the music scene and over the years he remains consistent in his craft.

He does mostly pop rock and acoustic songs which are known for and also a good one in the United States of America.

Ryan Cabrera Biography

Ryan Cabrera

He was born July 18, 1982, in a big city called Dallas, TX which is in the United States of America.

Ryan Cabrera is 40 years old as of 2022, he already celebrate his birthday for the year and his family and friends were all there to wish him all the best.

His birth names are Ryan Frank Cabrera and he goes by just his first and last name which many people prefer to as his name.

Name Ryan Frank Cabrera
Age 40
Date Of BirthJuly 18, 1982
Career Musician
Wife Alexa Bliss

He is of mixed ethnicity and heritage and his family is also the same and has lived for years in the United States of America but his father is a Colombian.

His growing was done alongside all his full family members including other parts of people who are related to him with everything.

The love he had growing up helped him enjoy his childhood which was a huge part of him and it helped shape him into the responsible man he is today.

There isn’t so much information on who his biological parents are as of today, the name of his father and mother are not public.

There isn’t so much about his siblings who all grew up together alongside both of their parents who provided everything.

Ryan Cabrera is a full-time American citizen by blood and everything despite his father coming from Colombia.

His parents are a huge part of his life but that part of him is kept away from the public eye as he does not want the spotlight to be on them due to the negative impact it can also carry.

Alexa Bliss Husband

Alexa Bliss Husband

Ryan Cabrera is the husband of WWE superstar wrestler and actress Alexa Bliss Kaufman.

Their marriage has been wonderful between them and is something many people are still in the dark about and yet to know.

Ryan Cabrera and Alexa Bliss have been married for just a few months which is still new to them in figuring out their next move.

The couple has been together for a long time before they decided on getting married and settling down with each other today.

Some early details are yet to be made public by the couple as to how they met each other and what was it like in the early days of their relationship.

In 2019, the relationship between Ryan Cabrera and Alexa Bliss was revealed to the public in a dramatic event that many were shocked and surprised to see happen.

It was also claimed that they both have been seeing each other for a long time but were not ready to make it a public affair due to their status as public figures.

At the end of the year, 2019 was when they decided to go public with their relationship and they also made sure the whole world knew how serious they were with each other.

After some years of dating, they got engaged on November 14, 2020, amid the coronavirus pandemic which gave them enough time to be with each other.

Their relationship continue to flourish as they took their time in planning their wedding which didn’t take place for another two years.

Ryan Cabrera and Alexa Bliss got married on April 9, 2022, which was this year and they have been a happy couple since they tied the knot in presence of their family and friends.

Ryan Career

Ryan Career

Ryan Cabrera is a singer, writer, and guitarist who has achieved so much in his music career to date.

His family background helped push him into music and they also influenced his style which is pop rock and acoustic.

He started out playing with a band called Rubix Groove which had some breakthroughs in its early days.

Ryan was always the one who stand out the most and that helped him push his solo career to where he is today doing so well.

He had the opportunity of composing three songs which impressed a studio engineer who gave him the chance of working with him.

He record his first album called Elm St. for free at Deep Ellum Studios which was the beginning of everything falling into place.

Ryan got his major record deal in 2002 which saw him getting signed into Atlantic Records.

His single “On My Way Down” hits number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 and since then he has gone on to break records with music sales.

Aside from his music, Ryan Cabrera also venture into television where he appeared in a reality show called The Ashlee Simpson Show.

Ryan Cabrera has also made a lot of appearances in other Tv shows which include MTV, Miz & Mrs, and many others all through his career.

Ryan Cabrera Net Worth

Ryan Cabrera Net Worth

Ryan Cabrera’s net worth is $3,000,000 million which is all from his music career which is still going well.

He has sold a lot of records over the years and they are still fetching in a lot of money and also royalties.

He also has endorsement deals spread across the United States which also bring in some cash adding to his net worth.

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Ryan isn’t richer than his wife Alexa Bliss who is worth more than him as a professional wrestler and actress.

He is well enough when it comes to taking care of his family and the people closest to him as he has shown over the years.

He also lives a flamboyant lifestyle as often seen by many pop stars who tend to spend more on their wear and accessories.

Despite Ryan’s lavish lifestyle, he also has a lot to consider with him being a married man today which have to to to to limit him in certain ways.

Ryan Cabrera is a comfortable man who can provide for his wife Alexa Bliss, and they are living happily in their marriage.

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