Jenine Wardally: Juwan Howard Wife

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Jenine Wardally

Jenine Wardally is a businesswoman and philanthropist, and she is the wife of Juwan Howard.

She is a prominent figure in the United States business and social circles, where she has made a name for herself.

She is a woman of many virtues who has become a pillar for herself before meeting her partner.

Jenine Wardally Biography

Jenine Wardally

She was born on February 7, 1976, in a big city called Brooklyn, New York, in the United States.

Jenine Wardally will be 47 in 2022, already celebrating her birthday for the year, which she did with her family.

She grew up with her sisters Maya, Shakira, and Liesha, who make them all three in number to their parents.

Her father’s name is George Wardally, and he is a responsible businessman who is respectable in their community.

Her mother’s name is Jermin Ruby, she is into small-scale business and she is the person who took care of her daughter more.

NameJenine Wardally
Age 47 Years Old
Date Of BirthFebruary 7, 1976
HusbandJuwan Howard Wife
ChildrenJace Howard, Jett Howard

Until now, she has not disclosed her educational background or the names of schools she attended growing up.

It is a well-guarded secret how Jenine was as a child. She has not disclosed her educational background or highest level of completion.

It is clear, though, that she has always had a passion for writing, which is why she decided to pursue a career in literature.

Jenine Career

Jenine Career

Jenine Wardally is a businesswoman who has established a promising career for herself over the years.

Jenine was motivated to work hard and give back to the community since she witnessed the struggles of those around her as a child.

She decided to become a philanthropist because she wants to make sure she helps her community grow.

She is committed to addressing problems not well handled in the media.

Jenine established the Juice Foundation following the death of a family member to cancer.

This organization’s mission is to educate people on taking preventative health steps to reduce cancer risk.

It promotes committing to specific routines and programs that provide healthy living.

Her organization has raised money to improve cancer patients’ quality of life and has many of them treated.

On the other hand, she has written two books that sold well in her writing career, which is another part of her life.

When she’s not writing, she’s taking care of her big family, who also demands a lot from her, but she always knows how to balance everything.

Juwan Howard Wife

Juwan Howard Wife

Jenine Wardally is Juwan Howard’s wife, a well-known figure in the basketball world.

Jenine Wardally and Juwan Howard knew they meant each other, so they took the plunge and tied the knot on July 6, 2002.

Jenine and her husband first met at Alonzo Mourning’s party; without that event, they likely never would have gotten together.

They hit it off, became fast friends, and went on a short-lived date, bringing them closer to each other.

As a family, they prefer to keep a low profile, with the pair doing their best to avoid any controversy that might affect their personal lives.

They raise two adorable sons, Jace and Jett, who are like their dad, and the two boys are avid basketball players.

Juwan had a second son, Juwan Howard Jr., in 1992 with a woman called Markita Blyden.

There are rumors about the whereabouts of his other three children, but their father has been mum on that front.

Wardley’s boys have basketball potential and could reach the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Four males out of Howard’s six children are all basketball players who are still working on their careers.

Since January 20, 2020, Jace has been committed to the University of Michigan and is now playing for his father.

Howard won an athletic scholarship to the University of Michigan after completing high school in June 2022.

Before his graduation, he is one of the classes of 2022’s top 50 prospects who will be likely to get their break soon.

Being married to Juwan Howard, a former NBA player and current coach at the University of Michigan has propelled her into the public eye.

Juwan Antonio Howard hails from the United States as a former NBA player and current trainer.

In the 1994 NBA draft, he made it to the Washington Bullets, where he started his professional career.

He was an assistant coach for the NBA’s Miami Heat from 2013 to 2019, which they achieved a lot before his exit.

Howard played for teams such as Dallas Mavericks, the Houston Rockets, the Orlando Magic and so many others.

He also had spells with the Portland Trail Blazers, the Miami Heat, and so on in his career.

He attended the University of Michigan and participated in a collegiate basketball program.

When he was with the Miami Heat, he won two NBA championships, a significant achievement.

Jenine Wardally Net Worth

Jenine Wardally Net Worth

Jenine Wardally’s net worth is $1,000,000 million, coming from all her ventures in life.

Wardley has had a successful career, but she does not come close to her husband financially.

As of 2022, her fortune has increased to $1,000,000 million, which is better than some years ago.

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For her spouse, this is peanuts, but for the typical family, they are well with a lot of fortune.

In his period, her husband was one of the best basketball players; he dominated the court.

He played for multiple NBA squads and contributed to two NBA Finals MVP awards.

He received the first contract in NBA history at more than $100 million, a record-breaking.

He’s not only rich from his time as a player but also from his time as a coach of some NBA teams.

He is worth about $90 million, according to estimates as of today, 2022, which is far beyond his wife.

Jenine Wardally and Juwan Howard are both rich in their respective fields of career, which they use to care for their children.

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