Jason Siemon: Lara Logan Ex Husband

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Jason Siemon

Jason Siemon is an ex-professional basketball player and the ex-husband of Journalist Lara Logan.

He is one individual who has been low-key with his life until the divorce from his wife made him well-known.

There is a lot about him that many people in public don’t know about despite his career as a basketball player.

Jason Siemon Biography

Jason Siemon

He was born April 18 1971, in the city called Iowa, in the United States of America.

Jason Siemon is 51 years old as of 2022, and his birthday comes up in the first half of the year, which is always a tradition he celebrates.

Even though he’s somewhat famous, he doesn’t talk about his private life very often, which is typical for someone like him.

NameJason Siemon
Age51 Years Old
Date Of BirthApril 18, 1971
WifeCarolyn Holden
ChildrenNot Available

We could not verify his family history as of when he started growing up and as an adult today.

He is an entire United States of America citizen who has lived all his life there, and it is the only place known as his home.

Furthermore, nothing is open about his early life, including how he spent his time at home and in school.

He completed his secondary education in the Midwest of the United States, namely in the state of Iowa.

As a young boy, he discovered a love for basketball that had never died until he became a professional player.

Siemon Career

Siemon Career

Jason Siemon began his basketball career at a young age and eventually became so skilled that he claimed a full athletic scholarship to play at the collegiate level.

After finishing university, he entered fully into making a professional career in basketball.

According to his bio, Jason is 6 feet 9 inches tall, making him 3 inches taller than the typical basketball player.

Jason Simeon is an American citizen who left the nation to pursue a professional basketball career in another country.

His professional basketball career started in Europe, where he had the chance to make a good career.

Over his career, he has played in several countries like England, France, and Greece amongst others.

He was a vital center/power forward for his many clubs in Europe, where he established himself as a powerhouse.

After 12 years of hard work and dedication to the game of basketball on various teams, Jason decided to call it quits.

Lara Logan Ex Husband

Lara Logan Ex Husband

Jason Siemon is the ex-husband of news reporter and well-known journalist Lara Logan.

The first time Jason Siemon and Lara Logan met, was on a beach in London in 1998, and they hit things off instantly.

They were both early in their professional lives at the time, which gave them enough time to get to know each other.

They started dating that year and soon afterward decided to take things seriously in their respective lives.

As a result, two months after the meeting, the couple tied the knot and proceeded to live happily ever after, becoming the object of many people’s jealousy.

In 2008, after ten years of marriage and shared living arrangements, Jason Siemon and Lara’s relationship hit rock bottom and ended in a bitter divorce.

The cause of the couple’s divorce had been secret initially, but eventually, it came out with a lot of dirty secrets.

Lara Logan‘s extramarital encounters while she was still married to Jason ultimately led to their separation.

The former basketball player has kept a low profile after the breakup, but Lara has continued to rise to prominence in her role as a correspondent.

She was said to be having an affair with at least three men, the first of whom was the Australian CNN correspondent Michael Ware.

During the Iraq War, she was CNN’s go-to reporter for all the latest news concerning what was going on.

The second information was that Lara was allegedly pregnant by a man other than her ex-husband.

It is also a rumor that one of her coworkers was the one who got her pregnant.

They said she was expecting a child and saw another man named Joseph Burkett whom she had a relationship while pregnant.

Lara and Joseph Burkett’s first encounter occurred in Afghanistan, where they were both working but technically married to their spouses.

It all started with a flirtation between them, and along the way, things got serious.

As time went on, they reconnected in Iraq and began to take their relationship seriously.

While Joseph worked as a defense contractor, Lara covered the battle for CBS.

It was also a rumor that Joseph was still with his wife Kimberly, who was so distressed by this that she filed for divorce in January 2008.

She accused Lara Logan of seducing her husband, saying he would be better off without her.

But a reliable source disproved the story, saying that Joseph and Kimberly had divorced six months before his meeting.

After a considerable time had passed after his acrimonious divorce, Jason Siemon decided to give love another go.

He met Carolyn Holden, a nurse from Chicago and they have been going solid together since then.

The two first laid eyes on one other in July 2008 at Chicago’s Moda Club, which had them talking.

It took the pair a long time as friends before they finally took the plunge and started dating.

They said their “I dos” on August 31, 2013, in a low-key private wedding celebration in which their families were present.

The couple is notoriously private, so nothing is known about them and how things are going as of today.

Jason Siemon’s Net Worth

Jason Siemon Net Worth

Jason Siemon’s net worth is $8,000,000 million, which he made during his active career.

The United States of America has a culture that understands and accepts the practice of placing wagers on sporting events.

Jason’s $8.32 million in 2021 net worth is a direct result of his decision to specialize in the video game industry.

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He was able to replace his pay with money he spent on various necessities and the internet.

Despite retiring from active basketball for so many years, he is doing well for himself.

He does not spend lavishly, knowing he is a responsible man with a family to take care of and also other responsibilities.

Jason Siemon is doing a lot to make the world a better place, and his net worth has somewhat invested in helping many people.

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