Rose Namajunas With Hair: Bio Career

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Rose Namajunas

Rose Namajunas with hair is a professional women’s MMA fighter signed under the UFC.

She is a tough fighter with a decade of experience in which she has won many belts.

She is one of the most biggest fighters who has made themselves queen of the octagon.

Rose Namajunas Biography

Rose Namajunas

She was born June 29, 1992, in a place in the United States of America called Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Rose Namajunas is 30 years old as of 2022; she already marks another fantastic year of success in her life and career, which so many of her fans celebrated.

She was born into a Lithuanian family, both by her parents, who have ties with being in the United States of America by birth.

Net Worth$1 Million
Age 28
FianceePat Barry
Height5ft 5in
Date Of BirthJune 29, 1992

She is an American citizen by birth and also processes Lithuanian citizenship through her parents.

Rose Namajunas has lived her entire life in the United States of America, which is what she calls her homeland.

She comes from a long line of ethical individuals who have served Lithuania with everything.

His grandfather, Juozas, was a military man who served most of his years and also took part in fighting the resistance.

She also has another long-line family member, a professional wrestler called Algimantas Andriukonis.

Her parents moved to the United States of America in 1991 to make a better life for their family.

Her father’s name is Arturas Namajunas, and he wasn’t too much in the life of her daughter had passed away when she was 16 years old.

Before Rose’s father passed away, he suffered from a health condition called schizophrenia.

Her mother’s name is Jolita Frank, and she was trained in music and theater back in Lithuania.

Rose Namajunas with hair birth name is Rose Gertrude Namajunas which is what her parents gave to her when she came to life.

Rose Namajunas With Hair

Rose Namajunas With Hair

Rose Namajunas with hair was how she wore her outlook until she decided to make a change.

During the early days of her career, Rose had ponytail hair which was how many people identified her when fighting.

She later decided to make herself look different by taking off her hair which for many was a shock.

Rose Namajunas, with hair, took to social media in 2015 to show off her new, which she took time to decide on doing.

At first, she had a semi bald hair which was the first step in changing her looks which wasn’t favoring her career.

She took the time to explain why she cut off her lengthy hair, which she tagged as a fight and not a beauty pageant.

Rose Namajunas struggled with her hair as sometimes she had to braid them to stay close to her head carefully.

After some years of entering the octagon with that stress of doing her hair always, she decided it was time to let it go for good and focus more on her fights.

Since then, she has also decided to cut her hair shorter to become bald, and she is happy about the decision she made in so many interviews.

Rose Namajunas with hair looks different from the fighter she is today after cutting off all her hair.

Namajunas Career Stats

Namajunas Career Stats

Rose Namajunas’s career stats keep growing as she has had more fights.

She is with the UFC brand, where she fights in the women’s strawweight division and has dominated over the years.

She is one woman who has achieved so much in terms of helping boost her career as a mixed martial arts fighter.

Rose is a certified black belt holder in Taekwondo, karate, and brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

She started her professional career in the UFC as a fighter in 2010 and is still very active.

Over the years, she has had 16 fights since she started her career as a professional fighter in the octagon.

She has won 11 fights over the years; some were easy and others extremely difficult.

In all of her eleven wins, she won by two knockouts giving her opponent no chance of standing too long.

Five of her fights went into submission victory for her, while four were by a decision made by the referee.

Aside from her excellent days in the Octagon, Rose Namajunas has been knocked out once and suffered submission in five losses.

The referee made three decisions. Rose lost those fights; she wasn’t happy, but she was still going strong.

She is the number one ranked in UFC, in the women’s strawweight division.

She is also a two-time winner of the UFC Women’s Strawweight belt, an excellent achievement for her career.

Rose Namajunas is ranked number five overall in the UFC women’s pound-for-pound.

Rose Namajunas Net Worth

Rose Namajunas Net Worth

Rose Namajunas’s net worth is $1,500,000 million, which is all from her career as an MMA fighter.

She is earning a lot for herself, which has put her on the list of one of the highest-paid fighters.

Her brand is something most people can easily relate to, and she has made sure she build it so well to work for herself.

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She also has so many endorsement deals, which bring in more income, adding to her net worth.

Her biggest endorsement deal is with Reebok, who are also paying her so well that she posts about them on her social media.

She has also partaken in some television advertisements and billboards across the United States of America.

She does not live a flamboyant lifestyle of spending lavishly on material things, knowing she has a family to take care of them.

Rose Namajunas with hair; is a wealthy woman who will see her net worth increase in the coming years if she keeps up with her excellent form and shape.

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