Jazz Charton Bio Kieran Culkin Wife

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Jazz Charton

Jazz Charton is a businesswoman, fashion model, and wife of Hollywood actor Kieran Culkin.

She is a successful woman who has achieved a lot before coming into the limelight thanks to her marriage with her husband.

Despite being given the spotlight, she has remained the kind of person who does not appreciate all the attention coming from the media and public.

Jazz Charton Biography 

Jazz Charton

She was born on May 20, 1988, in one of the biggest places in the world called London, which is in the United Kingdom.

Jazz Charton is 34 years old as of today 2022, she already hit another milestone on earth by celebrating another birthday with her family.

She is of British ethnicity and her heritage has been the place her parents and other family members have lived all their lives till today.

Name Jazz Charton
Age 34 Years Old
Date Of Birth May 20, 1988
Husband Kieran Culkin
Children Kinsey Sioux Culkin, daughter

Wilder Wolf Culkin

She grew up in a lovely community which helped her so much in making sure she had all the good memories to make a happy growing up.

Her family was a complete one with them sharing so much in common from their younger age till today as grownups.

Jazz Charton hasn’t revealed so much concerning her personal life and family with some parts of her still a mystery to the public.

Her mother’s name is Corinne Charton, she is a popular individual who many see as a public figure in London.

She is into art collection and making in Britain where many people respect her a lot and also she is more of a celebrity.

Her father’s identity is still a mystery as no information is available on him and Jazz has never opened up on anything about him.

Jazz Charton grew up with a sister with who they shared so much being girls and almost close in the same age range.

She only had her mother who single-handedly took care of her alongside her sister all through their life from childhood.

Jazz Charton never had a father figure in her life growing up and that didn’t affect her in any way as she was able to be with the best mother she could ever wish.

Kieran Culkin Wife

Kieran Culkin Wife

Jazz Charton is the wife of popular American actor Kieran Culkin who starred in the record-breaking movie Home Alone.

The couple has been happy together in the relationship for close to 10 years and counting since they met each other.

It has been a good love story between Jazz Charton and Kieran Culkin who are strongly in love and still growing together.

Their relationship was first an affair which wasn’t something the public had any idea of it going on until it was revealed.

Their first meeting was at a bar in New York where they had some interesting conversations which led to them being in contact for a while.

Things carried on well with them during their early days as just friends who show up for each other.

Their relationship soon grew stronger and it was officially revealed in 2012 that for some reason some reports claimed they have been seeing each other longer than that year.

Jazz Charton and Kieran Culkin didn’t waste any time after their relationship was made public which saw them getting engaged.

They got married on June 22, 2013, in what was a big wedding ceremony and party which had a lot of celebrities turning out in style.

Things are going pretty solid with the couple since their wedding as they have been interviewed on some occasions in which they talked more about their early days.

They also have a family of their own which consists of their adorable children who have been the best thing to ever happen in their marriage.

Jazz Career

Jazz Career

Jazz Charton does fashion model as a career, she is also in other ventures as a businesswoman.

In the process of building her career, she has worked with so many top brands and organizations.

Following her graduation from the University, Jazz ventured into the real world and she was able to get her first working pay job.

Initially, she already had experience working while at school with her getting the opportunity to do some modeling jobs.

Her early experience also helped her in so many ways after school as she was able to quickly adapt to her new life.

Jazz Charton at a certain point had to work in a movie in 2013, she was part of the sound department for the film ‘Likeness’.

She has been credited with a lot when it comes to her involvement in the entertainment world where she had worked with a lot of well-known fashion brands.

Jazz has made a lot of success in her career both in films and fashion which is the same as many can say about her husband.

There is still more she is looking to accomplish thanks to her husband making her famous.

Jazz Charton isn’t the type who likes getting the attention of the media and she made sure her privacy is kept by working mostly off the scene.

Jazz Charton Children

Jazz Charton Children

Jazz Charton is the mother of two children who she gave birth to them with American actor Kieran Culkin.

Jazz and Kieran both have a daughter and a son together in their marriage which is still going strong.

The names of their children are Kinsey Sioux Culkin, daughter, and Wilder Wolf Culkin, son.

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Both children have been a blessing to Jazz Charton and Kieran Culkin who are doing so well as parents.

Kinsey Sioux Culkin is the eldest child of the family, a daughter, and she was born on September 13, 2019.

She is three years old as of 2022, and her parents recently celebrated her birthday for the year in grand style.

Wilder Wolf Culkin is the second child and only son of Jazz and Kieran who was filled with so much joy at the birth of their baby boy.

He was born on August 17, 2021, he is one year old as of today 2022 having already marked his first birthday.

Jazz and her husband are taking care of their children and also they lavish a lot on them.

Jazz Charton and Kieran Culkin are both blessed and they always take the opportunity to thank God for blessing them with everything they have.

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