Chris Benoit Bio Career Cause Of Death

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Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit is a former wrestler with multiple belts and a promoter for the WWE.

His life was followed by a lot of success stories that are still talked about today, 2022.

His death was also a controversial one which had so many mysteries unsolved on how his family, including him, were all found dead.

Chris Benoit Biography

Chris Benoit

He was born on the 21st of May in 1967 in Montreal, Quebec, a popular place in Canada.

Christ Benoit should be 55 years old today, 2022, if he were still alive to celebrate another year on earth with his family and friends.

His full names are Christopher Michael Benoit, which is the name given to him from birth by his parents.

NameChris Benoit
Date Of Birth May 21, 1967
Age 40 Years Old
Wife Martina Benoit
Nancy Benoit
Cause Of Death Suicide By Hanging

He did his growing up in Edmonton, Alberta, which is also in Canada, and his parents had to move to another location.

During his childhood, he watched a lot of wrestling and found so much joy in watching it on television alongside his family members.

As a child, he loves so many wrestlers who have graced the biggest stage in WWE he idolizes; they are Bret Hart and Dynamite Kid.

Watching his two idols in a match was always something Benoit loved to see, and he started following in their footsteps by becoming a wrestler like them when he was younger.

His parents were a huge supporter of him becoming a wrestler as they made sure they gave him the opportunity of following through.

His father’s name is Michael Benoit; he is a businessman who runs a small enterprise in his community.

His mother’s name is Margaret Benoit; she is a homemaker and also the woman who did so much to make sure he son was a successful person.

Chris Benoit didn’t grow up alone, he had an elder sister, but they didn’t stay so much together when he was still growing up as a child.

Benoit Career

Benoit Career

Chris Benoit’s wrestling career was one in which he had so much success during his active days in the ring.

He was one of the most decorated wrestlers in history until his retirement, when he went into promotion.

He started his professional career in wrestling in 1985 with Stampede Wrestling which he had a lot of similarities with Billington in his moves.

His time with Stampede Wrestling saw him going on to win his first belt, which was the British Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Championship which happened in 1988.

Chris Benoit won many titles before moving on to New Japan Pro Wrestling, where he stayed from 1986 to 1997.

He won his first significant belt with New Japan Pro Wrestling after snatching the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship.

His name brought a lot of fans to the ring, which also exposed him to other wrestling brands as he later moved to World Championship Wrestling in 1992.

He didn’t get to stay so long as he departed the brand in 1993, which he switched once again to Extreme Championship Wrestling.

His reign continued to spread all across the world as he joined different brands, and he also had to go back to work with brands he once did business with them.

Chris Benoit’s most significant break was with the World Wrestling Federation, which is one of the biggest brands during his active days.

He had the opportunity of tagging along with the likes of Triple H, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, and many other big names.

He went on to win the intercontinental title in a triple threat match; another of his biggest fights was against Dwayne Johnson, known as The Rock.

The duo of Benoit and Jericho dominated as a tag team who defeated Stone Cold and Triple H in one of the biggest fights in WWF.

Benoit Family

Benoit Family

Chris Benoit had a fantastic family despite being married twice throughout his life before death.

He was first married to Martina Benoit, and their marriage was fruitful, with them having children together before it ended.

Chris and Martina had an excellent relationship during the early days when they started seeing each other.

They both decided to take the next step by getting engaged, and at that time, they were already living together.

They tied the knot in 1988, a memorable wedding for the couple who invited everyone close to them.

The marriage could only last until 1997 when they got divorced with two children from their time together.

Their children are David Benoit and Megan Benoit, both grown-ups as of 2022.

Chris Benoit married for the second time in 2000 to Nancy Benoit, and they gave birth to a son who was also in the same year.

Their child’s name is Daniel, and their marriage made headlines in 2003 as Nancy filed for divorce over cruel treatment from Chris Benoit.

Chris and Nancy later resolved their differences as they continued being together in their marriage.

Chris Benoit Cause Of Death

Chris Benoit Cause Of Death

Chris Benoit’s cause of death is Suicide by hanging after killing his wife and one of his children.

On the 25th of June, the Police discovered that Chris Benoit, alongside his wife Nancy Benoit and seven years old Daniel Benoit, had died in their home in Fayetteville, Georgia.

The search by the police on his home came after Chris’s employees made a report following the wrestler failing to meet up for their welfare check, which was mandatory.

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Upon the arrival of the police at Benoit’s home, they discover the whole family died in a gruesome murder and a suicide.

The investigations by the police didn’t find any other suspect except for the wrestler, who was said to have killed his wife and kid before hanging himself.

They claimed he had his wife and child killed over three days before committing suicide by hanging himself after his crimes.

Nancy Benoit was bound and tortured before being killed; Meanwhile, her son Daniel was drugged with Xanax before Chris Benoit strangled him.

Further tests carried out on the bodies of the Benoit family confirmed three different drugs in the system, which include hydrocodone, and hydromorphone, including Xanax.

Chris Benoit’s death remains a shocking mystery without an answer as to why the former WWE wrestler killed his wife and kid before committing suicide.

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