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Dee Devlin

Dee Devlin is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and the wife of MMA fighter Conor McGregor.

She is a well-connected woman who has been soaring places, and she is well established in her working line.

There are a lot of achievements that are attached to her name aside from what her husband’s fame brings to the table.

Dee Devlin Biography

Dee Devlin

She was born on the 9th of August, 1987, in a popular place called Walkinstown, Dublin, in Ireland.

Dee Devlin is 35 years old as of 2022, and she recently celebrated her birthday the year, having his family and friends around to wish her all the best.

She is of Irish ethnicity and heritage, which the same goes for all her family members who do not share any other race.

Name Dee Devlin
Age 35 Years Old
Date Of Birth August 9, 1987
Husband Conor McGregor
Children Conor Jack McGregor Jr
Croia McGregor
Rían McGregor

She comes from a family who are all white and are also Irishmen and women who are also natives of their country.

Her choices at early age disappointed her parents, who weren’t okay with everything she did.

Despite her decision to go against certain decisions placed by her parents, she was still loved and cherished.

Her life choices also weren’t too bad as she was able to make good of everything she decided on chasing.

She did her growing up with two siblings, including her parents; their identity for now is still missing from records.

Her sisters’ names are Sarah Devlin and Cathy Devlin; they all did their growing up together during their childhood.

Their parents did not give birth to any male child, so it was just about the three Devlin sisters always together.

We don’t know if Dee Devlin is the eldest of her sisters or not, but the only information available for now is that they all lived together.

There is a lot of love in their family which till today, they all hang out whenever they are free from work or on holidays.

Conor McGregor Wife

Conor McGregor Wife

Dee Devlin is the happily married wife of mixed martial arts and UFC fighter, Conor McGregor.

Their relationship goes beyond just being a married couple, as they also are like business partners.

They have been together for a long time, and it has helped them understand each other, and they have been heavily involved in their lives.

Dee Devlin and Conor McGregor’s relationship has been going smoothly from the first day they met each other till today.

Their love gradually grew as they had a lot of time to see each other, knowing they had a spot where they did hang out.

Dee met Conor McGregor at a nightclub when they were much younger and attended the same place regularly.

They continued to see each other more often as the love grew stronger between them until they were open with their relationship.

They both met in Ireland, which is both of their hometowns, and where they have been since their birth up till today.

The relationship between Dee and McGregor became official in 2008 as they both came out to the public as a couple.

The early days of Dee’s relationship with McGregor weren’t filled with so much fame as the MMA fighter was yet to get into the biggest of stages.

She was a supportive girlfriend back then as she had to make sure she did some jobs to provide money to support Conor McGregor’s training.

Some years later, she stopped working and was more focused on managing her boyfriend, who by then had started making a name for himself.

There isn’t any information yet about them getting married, but they are very much together and still going strong.

Dee Devlin is the full-time manager of her husband, Conor McGregor, up till today, as they also have a family together.

Devlin Education

Devlin Education

Dee Devlin did not complete her education as she was the type who didn’t see it as an essential part of life.

Despite her decision, she had some education level when she was much younger.

Her decision not to follow through with her education wasn’t taken lightly by her parents, who never supported her in doing such.

Her lack of education sparked many differences between her and her parents, who wanted her to complete her schooling.

Dee Devlin did start her education well by enrolling in a local age grade school closer to her home when her parents had more control over her.

She continued to excel in her education. She enters another grade due to her growing up and also getting promotions.

Soon she graduated into being a high school student, which was where she started having struggles.

She decided to drop out of school when she was just a 15-year-old girl, which decision was not taken quickly by her parents as of then.

She opted to go into working full time, which she luckily was successful in every organization she had the opportunity of working with them.

Dee Devlin worked until she met her husband, Conor McGregor, during one of her job at a popular nightclub in Ireland.

Dee Devlin Children

Dee Devlin Children

Dee Devlin has three children, and she gave birth to them with her husband, Conor McGregor.

Her children’s names are Croia McGregor, Conor Jack McGregor Jr, and Rian McGregor, making them three in number.

The couple is happy in their relationship with three exceptional children who have been a considerable part of their lives till today.

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Their first child Conor Jack McGregor was born on the 5th of May 2017, which was a good day for his parents.

He is five years old as of 2022, and he is the first son and child of his parents, Dee and McGregor.

They welcomed their second child, a daughter named Croia McGregor, in 2019, which was also a wonderful experience for the family.

She is three years old as of today, 2022, with her just two years younger than her older brother.

Their last child Rian McGregor was born in 2021, and he is barely one year old and might be the latest from his parents.

Dee Devlin and Conor McGregor are a happy family of five who are so glad and always spend their time together.

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