Peter Effanga Bio: Ross Barkley Father

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Peter Effanga

Peter Effanga is an automotive engineer and the father of England International football player Ross Barkley.

There is a lot between him and his son, which has hit hard since the dawn as their relationship is not good.

The Nigerian man wasn’t part of his son’s life, who made something good of himself despite the obstacles he faced.

Peter Effanga Biography

Peter Effanga

Peter Effanga date of birth has not been revealed today, with him barely making a public appearance.

He has lived most of his Life in Liverpool, England, where he met his wife, who gave birth to their son.

As for his age, he should be around 50 years old or older based on the age of his son Ross Barkley, who is in his late 20s.

Although there has been no confirmation since he hasn’t made it known till today what is his real age.

Peter is of Nigerian heritage through his father, a well-known figure in Nigeria.

His mother is from England, making him also half white and another part from Africa.

The information about his growing up isn’t much of public history, with barely a few things made known to the media.

The names of his parents are not available for the moment as we could barely scrape out details about Peter Effanga himself.

Most of his life was spent in England, where he has lived since he was younger till today.

We can’t also confirm the exact condition of his living as of today, but we know he is a successful person.

His education they were all done in England, although the names of the schools he attended are also a mystery.

From his career today, we are sure he did excel brilliantly in his studies which must have also seen him bag a degree.

As an engineer he is today, he must have studied it during his time in the University and came out with a degree that is working for him today in the real world.

Peter Effanga relationship with his son Ross Barkley is still a disaster, with nothing confirmed if things have patched up between them.

Peter Career

Pater Career

Peter Effanga is an automotive engineer who has a successful career working with a well-known Company.

He works with the Getrag ford transmission plant, which is known for most of the automobile stuff of today.

He is known as a hard-working man who did a lot for himself from an early age until today despite his family issues.

It takes a lot for someone to be an engineer in the United Kingdom, which means there is a lot to go through.

Peter Effanga also worked for a railway company at a certain point in his career involving engineering.

All his life living in the United Kingdom has had him venture into many paths in engineering to make sure things are going well for him.

It goes long in showing how much of a Nigerian he is as the ability to career out his job as an engineer needs so much straight from that individual.

Peter Effanga is a middle-class citizen based on his career and the job he does for a living.

Ross Barkley Father

Ross Barkley Father

Peter Effanga is the father of England International and Chelsea football club midfielder Ross Barkley.

Their relationship as of today is nothing good they have not been on good terms since the day Ross was born.

Like Dele Alli, the Chelsea player had also rejected his father, who left him and his mother when he was born.

It has been the major reason their relationship has broken since day one, but he came back into the picture at some point.

It was already late to build a relationship with Ross Barkley, who hardly could recognize him or start building something that wasn’t there.

He was one year old when Peter Effanga left his mother, Diane Barkley, after some unknown issues which resulted in her taking care of their son.

She was the only one taking care of him without the support of a partner despite him being responsible for the baby.

It was a tough childhood for Ross Barkley, who was then with the condition that made him look more prominent than other kids his age.

Due to the sacrifices the football player’s mother made alone, he decided to adopt the Name instead of Effanga.

Over the years of his football career, there have been many racism challenges from the set of people who knew he was a Nigerian.

It was a thing during his time at Everton when fans put up a picture of him beside a gorilla which carried on for a long time.

He was also a victim of targeted hate messages whenever he failed to perform for Everton or play for England.

Peter Effanga relationship with Ross Barkley could have been better if he had stayed and taken his responsibilities instead of abandoning them.

Ross Barkley Career (Childhood)

Ross Barkley Career (Childhood)

Ross Barkley’s career during his childhood wasn’t an easy ride as he had to work twice as hard with kids older than him.

His father, Peter Effanga played a massive part in his childhood career when it all started.

His father, as a migrant, helped Ross Barkley make it through the ranks of Everton football Club Academy at the age of 11 years.

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That was how his journey started as a young football player with growth hormone issues that gave him the advantage of playing with older kids.

His excessive growth saw him being through into the mix of under 18 when he was just only 15 years old.

It helped him grow fast, learning a lot with so much experience for a 15-year-old who was already making a breakthrough.

He led the youth team to many titles, which he won during his time with the Academy.

Rafa Benitez, who was in charge of Liverpool’s side, was one of the people who handed him a title which was when he helped his team win the Echo Cup.

He was already making waves before sustaining an injury when playing for England under 19, which kept him from making his senior debut during the 2011-12 season.

Ross Barkley’s career as a youth was the best, as he holds a record with Wayne Rooney, who made it through the same ranks.

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