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Ethan Hazard

Ethan Hazard is a Belgium football star who plays for a local club, side Royale Union Tubize-Braine.

He is yet to make his mark in European football, just like his other three brothers, who have already made their known.

He still has a long way to go in making sure his career push on further than all of his either brothers could do with theirs.

Ethan Hazard Biography

Ethan Hazard

He was born on 9th August 2003 in La Louvière, but he grew up in Braine-le-Comte, Belgium.

Ethan Hazard will be 19 years old when it gets to August 2022; it is the day of his birthday, which is a thing done with a celebration by family and friends.

His growing up was so much enjoyable, having to grow alongside his elder brothers, who were all football players just like him.

The support from his parents was also vital when he was still younger trying to make something of himself with inspiration from other siblings in his family.

His father’s name is Thierry Hazard; he is formerly a professional football player who played for a local team in Belgium.

His football career was with La Louvière, a team based in the second tier of the Belgium league.

He played as a defensive midfielder and active footballer player, which didn’t last long.

His mother is Carine Hazard, a former football player for the top Belgium Women’s division team during her active days.

Ethan Hazard’s parents retired from their active football careers to raise their family as sports teachers in their community.

The sacrifice made by his parents has gone a long way in helping each of them grow better as they made provision for everything they needed.

Ethan Hazard has other siblings doing well in their respective careers in Europe, including his eldest brother Eden Hazard who plays for Real Madrid.

Ethan Siblings

Ethan Siblings

Ethan Hazard has three siblings who are all superstars for the respective clubs they play in Europe.

Coming from a family of football players is something we don’t get to see often from many people in this world.

Ethan is lucky to have such a football bloodline from his parents, and he and his brothers inherit the same as the family’s children.

His elder brother’s name is Eden Hazard; he is an attacker playing for Real Madrid, who signed him from Chelsea in a record-breaking move.

While Thorgan Hazard, the second born of the family, plays for the German club Borussia Dortmund as an attacker.

His 3rd brother, Kylian Hazard, is currently tied to a contract with Cercle Brugge; he is a striker for the club.

Chelsea once signed the whole Hazard brothers but had to let them leave on different occasions as Eden was the only one kept until Real Madrid took him up.

The Stamford Bridge deal was supposed to make the three brothers grow further in their careers, but it didn’t go as wanted to be an end of it all with the London club.

Ethan Hazard is the youngest of them all, and he has so much to do if he is to overcome the legacy his siblings already put in place for themselves.

Ethan Career

Ethan Career

Ethan Hazard’s career isn’t yet hitting the right places for now as he is still with Royale Union Tubize-Braine.

He plays as an attacker who wears the number 17 shirt for the local Belgium football club.

His journey in the football world started as a young child who had his brothers in the guild and inspired him daily.

Seeing his elder brother become one of the deadliest attackers in Europe over the years has made him work hard.

Ethan has been playing for Royale Union Tubize-Braine underage team since his younger age while going to school.

He recently graduated into the senior team as an 18-year-old, holding the number 17.

A few years ago, he once got attention from Chelsea, who wanted to place him in their Academy, but the club said nothing after the talks came up for him.

That opportunity has never been heard of again till now, but he could be getting a chance to make his mark when the new season kicks off.

He has so much potential in him as his current team manager sees him as the next Hazard family to take Europe by storm.

For now, Ethan needs more time to work on himself in a place where he won’t be distracted by so much pressure due to the spotlight on his brothers.

Only Eden Hazard has proven to the world that he is the best, but recently, with Real Madrid, his form dropped severely due to a series of injuries.

Thorgan is also following in the same footstep, establishing himself as a top player for Borussia Dortmund, where he gets regular playing time.

Ethan Hazard has a big shoe to step in when the time comes for him to make that most significant move in his football career.

Ethan Hazard Income

Ethan Hazard Income

Ethan Hazard’s income isn’t available to the public as he is still playing for a youth team.

His club, Royale Union Tubize-Braine, has not mentioned anything concerning him getting paid as of 2022.

Ethan Hazard should be earning a fee, which is to be under a football scholarship funds supporting his education and career.

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We can’t confirm the exact figure or duration of the scholarship funding, but it is to continue until he makes a big break in his career.

His elder brother Eden Hazard who plays for Real Madrid, is currently one of the highest-paid football stars in Europe.

He earns €400,000k weekly wages after competing for a move from Chelsea to Real Madrid a few years ago.

Thorgan Hazard earns €79,000k weekly wages playing for Borussia Dortmund, which will increase as his market value rises again.

They are both earning a lot from playing, just like Kylian Hazard, who is also paid handsomely by his club.

Ethan Hazard is hopeful of someday having to enjoy the same luxury as his brothers when he starts earning income from football.

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