Erica Donald Bio: Aaron Donald Wife (Erica Sherman)

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Erica Donald

Erica Donald, also known as Erica Sherman, is the fiancee, marketing manager, and wife of Aaron Donald.

She graduated from the Louisiana State University after studying Mass Communication.

Erica also completed a minor in Business Administration. Before that, she held a position with the Los Angeles Rams.

Aaron Charles Donald, better known by his football alias, Aaron Donald, is a well-respected professional football player in the United States.

He plays defensive tackle for the Los Angeles Rams, a team that competes in the National Football League (NFL).

He got selected in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft; he has been a member of the NFL team.

He was born on May 23, 1991, making him 31 years old.

Here is everything about the relationship between NFL player Aaron Donald and his wife, Erica Donald.

Erica Donald Biography

Erica Donald

She was born in Los Angeles, California, in July 1991, making her 30 years old.

Although Erica Donald has a sibling, the public does not know the identities of either her sister or their parents.

However, in several interviews, her husband indicated that she moved to a different city to continue her education immediately after graduating from high school and leaving the state.

According to the information on her LinkedIn profile, she graduated from Louisiana State University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication with a concentration in Public Relations.

In addition, the alumnus of LSU had a total of five years of experience working as an intern at Fox Sports, beginning in 2007 and continuing through 2012.

Since November 2002, Aaron Donald’s wife has acted as Interim Chairwoman for the AD99 Solutions Foundation.

Erica Donald Professional Career

Erica Donald Career

Erica Donald is in charge of the marketing for Aaron Donald.

In addition, she serves as the Interim Chairperson of his AD99 Solutions Foundation.

After graduating from LSU, the recent alumnus interned for the St. Louis Rams in their public relations department for two months.

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In addition to that, she spent the period between 2007 and 2012 working as an intern at Fox Sports.

Erica worked as an assistant for the Glazer Family Foundation in 2013 for two years.

The Los Angeles Rams hired her in 2015 as their Community Affairs and Player Involvement manager, and she remained in that role for the next five years.

Aaron Donald Wife

Aaron Donald Wife

Erica Donald is the happily married wife of Aaron Donald. The couple has a daughter together.

Erica worked for Aaron Donald’s club as the community affairs and player involvement manager for five years.

Since he has been a member of the Los Angeles Rams roster since 2014, most people believe that this is when she first met him.

Even though many people think that this is when they initially met, the two of them decided to keep the intricacies of their relationship a secret.

On the other hand, they did not start dating until 2019, as he had been in a relationship with a previous girlfriend.

There were rumors that they were engaged because she had worn a large ring on the left ring finger of her left hand since the year 2020.

The allegations were confirmed when he uploaded a video on YouTube and referred to her as his fiancée.

Even though the pair has chosen to share glimpses of their relationship with their followers on social media, they have opted to maintain a more private life together.

Consequently, the general public was completely unaware that the couple had gotten married until she updated her social media handles to include her new surname, Donalds.

Since then, neither of them has disclosed any further information regarding the specifics of their marriage.

They have a child, and he also has two children from a prior relationship, all of whom live with them in Calabasas, California.

Erica Donald’s Net Worth

Erica Donald Net Worth

She has a net worth of $200,000. Erica Donald has not revealed much about her source of income.

However, her husband, Aaron, has a net worth of $60 million.

Similarly, Aaron’s annual salary in the NFL is somewhere near $22 million.

It is sufficient to glance at her Instagram feed to deduce that she has a passion for the fashion industry.

Erica Donald has a wide variety of outfits in her wardrobe, and she doesn’t seem to wear the same thing twice.

On the other hand, Erica’s curvy body and attractive form make her appear excellent in any outfit she chooses to wear.

She is not adorned with any tattoos anywhere on her body. Erica enjoys wearing bikinis so that she may flaunt her curvy body.

She is a model who has achieved great success in the fashion world.

The combination of her stunningly symmetrical face and sensual form makes it simple for her to secure a variety of various gigs.

In addition, Erica has several lovely accessories in her collection, such as pendants, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. She is obsessed with glitz and glamour.

Erica Donald Social Media

Erica Socials

Erica is happy to share intimate details of her life on social media.

She frequently posts glitzy photographs from her life to her Instagram account and refreshes them regularly.

Her husband, Aaron Donald, is in many of the pictures that she takes. She has made the fact that she is married to a well-known NFL star a point of pride in her conversations.

She considers herself a boss lady due to the self-assured and outgoing nature of her personality.

On Instagram, she exposes every facet of her life to the public.

Erica Donald is entirely unconcerned about being evaluated by anyone on the internet.

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