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Rebecca Halliday

Rebecca Halliday is a fitness trainer, model, and the wife of England football player Jesse Lingard.

She is no longer with the football player who left her a long time due to some personal issues between the two of them.

Although that isn’t a problem as they have continued to be a good parent to their daughter who they had together.

Rebecca Halliday Biography

Rebecca Halliday

She was born on the 9th of November, 1985 in Manchester which is located in England.

Rebecca Halliday will be 37 years old by November 2022 which is always a day for her to mark an important day of her life.

There isn’t much made public about her from her childhood which wasn’t that bad from the little pieces of information we can gather.

Her parent’s identity has been kept sealed by her as many sources are yet to confirm who they are and their names.

Everything has been abortive as she barely grants any interview which could get her talking about her parents.

Although we can confirm are parents are English and from Manchester United based on her place of birth.

About her siblings, there isn’t much also known about them as she barely talks about them or anyone else in her family.

She’s the only one known in her family and no one else, but they might be some clues she might have left that no one has been able to identify on her social media.

Growing up for her under her parents was amazing with love and support which was surplus for her as she grew up.

Her siblings were also part of her growing up despite her not making it known, we are sure they all lived together.

She was well brought up as she has shown so much maturity over the years including dealing with Jesse Lingard’s relationship.

It goes a long way in saying she had the perfect childhood which shaped her into who she is today.

Rebecca Education

Rebecca Education

Rebecca Halliday did have a good education in Manchester, England where most of her childhood and adulthood were lived.

She was just like every other kid growing up with a solid education foundation which is helping her maneuver her adult life.

Everything was done in her hometown in schools closer to where she lived as a kid under her parents.

For her, she had an adequate education which benefitted and prepared her for the real society she is confronting today.

Although we still weren’t able to find much about the details concerning the schools she attended growing up.

There are still many other things missing about her just like many other celebrities’ wives, girlfriends, or family relations.

Her age-grade education was done in her place of birth both high school and the name was not made public at any point.

She also might have bagged a degree in a University at Manchester, but like everything, this one is not known to the public.

Although from Rebecca Halliday appearance and how she speaks we can tell she is someone who had an excellent education at prestigious schools.

Rebecca Daughter

Rebecca Daughter

Rebecca Halliday is a blessed mother of one daughter named Hope Lingard with her former partner.

She has been a blessing to her as she is the only child in her life and despite how things looked with the father she’s still grateful.

She plays a huge role in making sure her daughter has nothing less than the best just like her former partner does.

The father of her daughter is Manchester United forward Jesse Lingard who has also been a great dad.

There are many pictures of her and the football star together on the internet and occasion they are seen doing things together.

Hope Lingard was born in October 2018, which was a day her parents felt so much joy knowing their child arrived safe and sound.

The announcement was made public by the football player who share via his Instagram handle welcoming her daughter with an ex-partner.

Their daughter will be 4 years old when it clocks October in 2022 and her parents will come together and throw a birthday party for her.

It has been a tradition since her birth for both of her parents to put their differences aside and make the day special for her.

There aren’t many details talking about their daughter if she’s already going to school or being home tutored.

She is doing well and growing up fast with both parents equally involved in every one of her activities including control of her Instagram account.

Her account has over 52k plus followers and still counting, she is following both of her parents who run Instagram for her.

Most of the stuff posted there is about her and what she has been up to which isn’t any doubt shaping her already to be a successful person.

Jesse Lingard Wife

Jesse Lingard Wife

Rebecca Halliday is the former wife, and baby mother of football player Jesse Lingard.

Their relationship isn’t going on any longer as they couldn’t keep things up due to many circumstances.

Many things were added to push them aside and one could be based on the huge age difference which might have been the only issue.

Rebecca Halliday is 37 years old while Jesse Lingard is 29 years old which is a huge gap between the both of them.

Although it wasn’t an issue when they started seeing each other before deciding to push the gear on their relationship.

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It all started when they saw each other in a nightclub where they both partied together, and things opened up between them.

They were seen on a couple of occasions together as they started dating each other and got intimate while things continued fast.

She got pregnant to the football star and which was another reason leading to their breakup as a couple.

It might have been triggered by the fact that she was way older than the footballer which is an obvious reason to cut ties.

Rebecca Halliday and Jesse Lingard are still close because of their daughter who sometimes they all go out together as a family.

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