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Jena Frumes

Jena Frumes is an actress, model, and former girlfriend of England International Football player Jesse Lingard.

She is an accomplished lady who is a mother of one child who she gave birth to her recent ex-husband.

Aside from being associated with the Manchester United player, she is also a well-known figure of her own.

Jena Frumes Biography

Jena Frumes

She was born on 21, September and the location of place of birth is located in the United States of America where she lived most of her life.

Jena Frumes is of African, French, and American heritage which is where both of her parents based since their growing up.

She will be 29 years old in September 2022 which is the special day in her life when she celebrates her birthdays.

There are many things known about her as her lifestyle has been an open book knowing how many interviews and questions she has been asked.

The name of her parents has been identified as Mickey Frumes who is her biological father.

While, Jayne Mansfield is her mother who gave birth to her, although there have been many sources claiming her parents are unknown.

We can confirm to you that both Mickey Frumes and Jayne Mansfield are Jena Frumes, biological parents.

Although there isn’t much known about them as to what they are into or what career path they followed or are still into as of today.

She has a sibling who both did their growing up together under the roof of their parents who provided everything for them.

There isn’t much information made known about her sibling who is a younger sister to her.

From what we gathered, it seems like they are only two children of their parents as nothing else was made known of any other child.

She had an incredible education life growing up which saw her getting the best and also attending prestigious schools.

Her age-grade education was smooth which saw her transition into attending Scotland High School which was located in Laurinburg, North Carolina.

She was a focused young girl pushing to make her parents proud as their plans were for their daughter to get good grades which will prepare her for the real world.

Jena did move on to attend North Carolina University which was located in Durham where she studies theater art and dance.

It is not known if she followed through and got her degree or if she dropped out after gaining instant fame before being able to complete her education.

Jena Career

Jena Career

Jena Frumes is a successful career woman who is a model, actress, dancer, and influencer.

She has amassed so much fame and wealth from the entertainment industry over her incredible work done.

Jena has two big sponsorship deals which have fetched so much wealth and popularity for her career.

Their names are Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Things, both brands are one the leading fashion houses globally.

They are well known all over the world and it isn’t just an ordinary brand as they are ranked amongst the best.

She has also worked with several jewelry brands and so much has been said about her that modeling was a major career path.

Her career has expanded over the years which saw her getting her first acting gig starring in “Wild N’ Out” hosted by Nick Cannon.

She has appeared in so many music videos for artists like Chris Brown, Tyga, Marshmellow, and Jeremih among others.

Over the years she continue to grow until she landed her first lead movie role in “Mango & Guava” which skyrocketed her to another level.

She has continued achieving so much making her famous with a huge amount of social media following of 4 Million and counting.

Jesse Lingard Girlfriend

Jesse Lingard Girlfriend

Jena Frumes is the ex-girlfriend of England and Manchester United player Jesse Lingard.

Their relationship happened quickly after their first meeting which was the perfect time for them.

It all started when they saw for the first time in 2016 when they were just casual friends who talked once in a while.

That continued until they fell in love and decided to start dating which was the following year in 2017.

Things carried on between them as they attended events and gathered together while they shared pictures of themselves on their social media.

Although it was gathered at that time she was the only one who posted pictures of their time together and not Jesse Lingard.

It was going well for both of them who enjoyed each other company and they made it easy to find a chance to hang out despite their busy schedules.

All attention was on them as things were getting serious between them until it all crashed on a faithful day.

It was claimed she find out she had a thing with someone else which led to their endings, but they did make it known to the public.

Jena Frumes and Jesse Lingard separated from each other without an official statement made, but then the girlfriend did make a cryptic post ending things.

Jena Relationships

Jena Relationships

Jena Frumes relationship life hasn’t been stable with all of her affairs ending up in short periods consistently.

She is known for having affairs with top names from football players to actors and musicians which all never worked out for her.

Antonio Brown was the first of them all who she dated during her younger age trying to find the perfect love.

It didn’t last long as she broke up with the NFL player and their relationship only lasted until 2017.

The reason was she wasn’t ready to be in the middle of his relationship with his baby mama of three children.

She moved on to Manchester United player Jesse Lingard whom they only dated for 15 months before it all crashed once again.

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It wasn’t a good one for her as she decided to move on once again, and this time it was Nick Cannon, an American actor.

They both dated for some time and then Nick was recently left by singer Mariah Carey and they both had children together.

Just like other relationships, there was nothing good with her moving on due to some unknown issues.

She did find love later on with American singer and dancer Jason Derulo, it was a beautiful relationship.

They both gave birth to a child named Jason King who is already growing up before they also ended things together.

Jena Frumes is currently single after separating from her son’s father whom they were in a relationship for some time.

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