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Laura Bracalenti Bio: Marcelo Bielsa Wife

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Laura Bracalenti

Laura Bracalenti is well-known for being the wife of Marcelo Bielsa, the former football manager of Leeds United.

She has gained a lot of notoriety as a result of this relationship.

Laura is an educator, an architect, the director of the practical assignment at the National University of Rosario, and being the husband of such a well-known figure in football.


She is also a member of the Technical support team for the coordinated Urban Agriculture Programme in Rosario, located in Argentina.

Laura Bracalenti Biography

Laura Bracalenti


Laura Bracalenti began her life in the beautiful country of Argentina, where her parents raised her.

Her real date of birth has not been disclosed at this time. Despite this fact, her parents brought her up properly.

In addition, it is unclear whether or if she has brothers and sisters or any other kind of sibling at all.

In addition to this, she has been secretive about the details of her early childhood. She was born in Argentinian.

At the University of Rosario, where she teaches and practices architecture as a profession, Laura Bracalenti is employed full-time as an architect.

In addition to that, she is employed at the university as a practical work head.

She also joined the technical Support Team for the Urban Agriculture Program as part of her involvement in the program.

Marcelo Bielsa Wife

Marcelo Bielsa Wife


Laura Bracalenti is the happily married wife of coach Marcelo Bielsa.

Laura and her husband, whose name is Marcelo Alberto Bielsa Caldera, have been married for some time at this point.

Regarding what he does for a living, he was the former head coach for the Leeds United football team, which competes in the English professional football league.

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Marcelo Bielsa is a football coach from South America.

He was formerly in charge of the football team Leeds United, located in England.

Bielsa tried his hand at being a player for a while before beginning his career as a manager, but he did not have a lot of success at that time.

However, his keen insights into the playing techniques and observations of the game made him an excellent candidate for the coach’s position.

He started coaching by leading the Newell’s Old Boys School Youth Division team as the head coach.

Since that time, he has served as the head coach of other football clubs in England, Mexico, and Argentina.

His most successful job was as the manager of the Argentine national team, which led them to victory at the Olympics in 2004 and earned them a gold medal.

After that, he became the manager of Chile’s national team and achieved legendary status due to the dramatic improvement in the squad’s play under his direction.

After coaching Chile, he went on to become the coach of the Spanish club Athletic Bilbao and took them to the championship game of the continental cup.

In 2018, he was given the position of manager at Leeds United. But he was fired earlier this year.

When Marcelo Bielsa took over, there was a dramatic improvement in the team’s overall performance.

Even though Bielsa does not have a lot of medals or championship titles to his name, many football players have been motivated by his unconventional techniques, which have helped them train better and provide their best performance.

He is widely regarded as one of the most revered managers and coaches working around the globe at present.

There is a lack of specific information regarding how Bielsa and his wife first became acquainted and the duration of their relationship.

We are aware that they tied the knot during the 1980s.

In 1989, not long after this momentous marriage, they became parents to their first daughter.

Her name is Ines Bielsa, and she currently plays for hockey team. It is a sporting club that is situated in Argentina.

The couple became parents to their second daughter in 1991. Mercedes Bielsa is her name, and she prefers to devote her time to the arts rather than athletics.

In addition to this, she works as a director and a producer in the city of Rosario.

Laura Bracalenti Net Worth

Laura Bracalenti Net Worth


As an architect and a lecturer, Laura Bracalenti has established a successful professional career for herself.

She has a net worth of $300,000. In addition to this, her husband brings in money from his employment as a professional coach.

Her husband has an incredible fortune, estimated to be somewhere around $25 million by 2021.

At this time, the couple is enjoying rich and extravagant life inside the confines of their home.

At this time, Bracalenti is not accessible via social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Laura Bracalenti prefers to keep her personal life to herself and out of the media’s spotlight as much as possible.

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