Jodi Lynn Calaway Bio Undertaker First Wife

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Jodi Lynn Calaway

Jodi Lynn Calaway is a businesswoman and the former wife of WWE Legend The Undertaker.

She is more of a private person, but her relationship with the wrestler made her a public figure well known.

She has also managed to do well for herself over the years despite her divorce from her ex-husband.

Jodi Lynn Calaway Biography

Jodi Lynn Calaway

She was born on January 1st, but the year is still unknown and a mystery that no one has been able to crack to date.

She did her growing up in the United States of America which is also where she was born.

Many things about her life are kept as a secrete with just a few making it out to the public.

Jodi Lynn Calaway is a mother of one who she gave birth to during her time with the Undertaker.

She lived a mysterious life more than her husband as certain things about her are still unknown.

Undertaker First Wife

Undertaker First Wife

Jodi Lynn Calaway is the first wife of retired wrestler and WWE legend The Undertaker.

Both of them met in the 80s and they immediately started dating each other while still very young.

Things went well between them as the relationship grew strong each day it spanning for years.

They later came to a decision and decided to get married after dating each other for so many years.

In 1992, Jodi and the Undertaker got married in a private ceremony in which few family friends were witnessed.

They welcomed their first child together the following year 1993 after just getting married.

Gunner Vincent Calaway is the name of the child that the pair welcomed together during their time as a couple.

At this point, the Undertaker career was gaining massive exposure and his raise was on an all-time high.

Things were working out good with him going on to achieve so much in his career as a wrestler.

They were both the best and most celebrated couple in the WWE world during their time of marriage.

Both of them carried on until 1997 when they announced they are no longer married.

Their divorce was made public with both of them going their separate ways that year despite having one child together.

The separation wasn’t a good one as Mark Calaway’s ‘The Undertaker’ has also avoided mentioning Jodi whenever it comes up.

This applies to the reason for their divorce as well which simply means it wasn’t a good one for both of them.

Since the divorce, Jodi Lynn Calaway has remained single and refused to get married to another person.

But this wasn’t the same for his ex-husband who went on to get married to another woman named Sara Cherie Frank.

This was three years after the divorce with his first wife Jodi who gave birth to their son.

His new wife gave birth to two kids are girls named Chasey and Gracie.

Their marriage also crashed after things were beginning to look good for the wrestler.

He decided to get married once again to Michelle McCool, in 2010 they still are together with a child.

Undertaker Career

Undertaker Career

He started his career under Buzz Sawyer in late 1986 who was responsible for training him.

His relationship with his trainer didn’t start well as they had many issues due to a lack of commitment.

Mark William Calaway started his wrestling career in a mask known as the Texas Red.

His first fight ever took place on June 26, 1987, for World Class Championship Wrestling which he, unfortunately, lost to Bruiser Brody.

This was in the same timeline as when he met his first wife Jodi Lynn Calaway who was making move with him.

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He went on winning Championship belts which included USWA Unified World Heavyweight Champion.

He also added another to his name which was the WCWA Texas Heavyweight Champion during this time.

The Undertaker career hit another level as he started working with various gimmicks which include the famous deadman.

His new gimmick made him famous and saw him win an award for a record break 5 years in a row.

He went on making a name for himself which also included him going into acting.

Jodi Lynn Calaway was there during the peak of his career which grew up very fast before their divorce.

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