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Jessica Delp Bio Baby Kris Bryant Wife

Jessica Delp is a well-known social media personality and wife to baseball player Kris Bryant.

She is an adorable lady who has done so much over the year with her life while being married.

Her life isn’t that private like other wives who get married to any sportsperson as they like to keep themselves hidden due to internet hate.

Jessica Delp Biography

Jessica Delp

She was born on 4th March 1992, in the United States of America where she grew up.

Her place of birth is Nevada, Las Vegas which is where her parents lived all through most of their lives.

The names of her parents are not confirmed fully, but the name of her mother is Yoko, who is originally from a Japanese background.

She is of American nationality despite her mother being a Japanese who got married to a United States of America citizen.

Growing up Jessica Delp had so much love and support from her parents both in school and everything.

She also has two siblings whom they all grow up together living with their parents who equally loved them.

The names of her siblings are Robert Tomo who is the eldest of the family and a sister called Joyce Delp.

Growing up she attended Bonanza High School where she did well in her studies while also being an athlete.

She ventured into various sporting events in her days in College which saw her taking softball more seriously before graduating with honor.

Jessica later gained admission to the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, which was a decision made to stay close to her parents.

She majored in physiology and also had to continue her career as an athlete she did excel well in both of them.

She graduated from the University with the set of 2013/2014 which she bagged a degree as a Physiologist.

Jessica Delp became famous when she got married to her husband Kris Bryant who they still live together.

Jessica Baby

Jessica Baby

She is happily married with a baby named Kyler Lee Bryant who is a boy and their only child so far.

Life was doing good for Jessica Delp who got married to the love of her life with so much in common between them.

Their love grew stronger and the bond between them increased after the birth of their son.

Kris Bryant also does his job to be a good husband and father to their son despite being a busy person.

She welcomed her child with her husband on April 7, 2020, which was a memorable and beautiful day for the couple.

Their son will be two years old in April as of 2022 which they are already looking forward to Mark his birthday.

Kyler Lee is the most amazing thing to happen for the couple who always show off the adorable baby.

Jessica Delp always uses any given opportunity to show off their son on her social media accounts which there are so many pictures there.

Kris Bryant Wife

Kris Bryant Wife

Jessica Delp is the happily married wife of Major League Baseball star, Kris Bryant.

Both of them started dating a very long time ago which made their love so strong and happy.

They have been together almost all their lives growing up in school and so much more from their younger age.

Both of them attended Bonanza High School which is where the love started between them.

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Their relationship started when they were in the second year of High School which was back in 2007.

At the said time they were both aged 15 years they went on several dates thanks to their elder siblings who paid for most of it.

After leaving High School, there was a bit of distance between them, but it didn’t stop them from staying in touch.

Things carried on until they finally got engaged on the 24th of December 2015 which was made public immediately.

The couple got married on the 7th of January 2017 which was attended by many family and friends including Kris’s teammates.

Aside from them being married, Kris Bryant have an amazing career that started well during his younger days in college.

His senior year in school saw him being named a First Team All-USA player which was how things started big to date.

Jessica Delp and Kris Bryant are still happily married together with his wife and child always at every one of his games.

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