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Evan Joseph Asher Jenny McCarthy Son Bio

Evan Joseph Asher is an American Celebrity, Movies Fan, Sports Fan, Youtuber, Gamer, and TV host Jenny McCarthy’s son.

His father is an actor, director, and producer known as John Mallory Asher.

Evan Joseph Asher Biography

Evan Joseph Asher

Evan was born in the USA on May 18, 2002. He is now 18 years old and loves his siblings from his step-father called; Xavier Wahlberg and Elijah Wahlberg.

In 2004, he started to have serious health issues, and Joseph had his first seizure at two years old, which affected his parents.

A team of hospital staff arrived at their home and diagnosed him with epilepsy. Sadly, Evan started having more seizures more.

In 2005, His mother, Jenny, took Evan to a neurologist at UCLA.

The UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital diagnosed him with autism, which can causes seizures, difficulty interacting with people. His situation was confirmed by the State of California, and his health did not improve for some years.

His treatment started at the Los Angeles (UCLA) autism center in the USA.

His mother, Jenny, has also written a few books on autism and has worked with many organizations.

Jenny McCarthy’s son, Evan, has now improved today; he can talk, see people, and now has many Friends. He has a YouTube channel with two of his friends, known as Gaming USA.

His parents decided to complete their divorce after he was diagnosed with autism. His mother re-married to a singer and actor Donnie Wahlberg.

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny is a famous writer, actor, and Evan Joseph Asher’s mother. She was sad after her son was diagnosed with autism during the early years of his life.

She has stayed with her son ever since and helped him through his difficult years to become a better person. At three years old, Evan started to learn how to swim.

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In 2013, Evan showed his fantastic progress to his mother. Jenny had to stay in New York due to the TV show, The View without her son.

He decided to stay in Chicago and stay with his girlfriends but later moved to New York. His behavior remained improved significantly.

Evan Joseph Asher Net Worth

Evan Joseph Asher Net Worth

Evan has a net worth of $50,000. His YouTube Gaming channel brings in income and some cash from his mother, Jenny McCarthy.

In 2019, he got his first car and shared the picture with his 44 thousand followers on Instagram. Evan acquired his driving license after some time.

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