Kelce Brothers: Travis Kelce And Jason Kelce Facts!

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Kelce Brothers

The Kelce brothers have been a dominant force in the NFL and have played professionally.

Since joining them, Travis Kelce has come a long way in his career, winning two Super Bowl Champions with his team.

Jason Kelce also has a Super Bowl with his team, boosting numerous records in his career.

Kelce Brothers Biography

Kelce Brothers

Jason was born November 5, 1987. His age today is 36, and he is set to clock 37 years in November 2024.

Travis was born on October 5, 1989. He is 34 today but is expected to mark his 2024 birthday, which makes him 35 years old.

The Kelce brothers have a year gap between themselves, which makes them close to each other in age.

Jason’s birth place is North Carolina, but he did his formative years in Ohio, where everything happened.

Their mother’s name is Donna Kelce. She once had her days working as a Banker before getting aged and retired.

Their father’s name is Ed Kelce. He ensured a source was available to lead his children into becoming great athletes.

The Kelce brothers had their early days growing up in Ohio, where their parents spent many years staying.

Their days under parental care were smooth, with them learning much from themselves as two football brothers.

The Kelce brothers enjoyed their childhood thanks to their parents being able to make life easy and productive.

They were already massive names while going to school, where they made sure their career kicked off in football.

The Kelce Brothers attended Cleveland Heights during high school and played football before moving on.

The Kelce brothers went on to finish their education at the University of Cincinnati, which prepared them for their professional careers.

Travis Kelce And Jason Kelce Facts!

Travis Kelce And Jason Kelce Facts!

Jason Kelce is the big brother of Travis Kelce, but their age difference is just two years’ distance.

The Kelce brothers are the only births of their parents, and they do not have any other child after giving birth.

Jason Kelce is already a family man who is married and also has children whom he calls his own as of today.

His wife’s name is Kylie McDevitt, and she is already a mother with three offspring for her partner Jason, who both enjoy life as a family.

Jason Kelce’s children are named Bennet, the youngest of them, alongside Wyatt and Elliotte, making them three.

Another fact about him is that all his children are female and barely grow up, with the eldest still at six.

Travis Kelce remains in a committed relationship and is rumoured to have already hit another stage in engagement.

He has a severe relationship with Taylor Swift, which has existed on for considerable years.

He isn’t a father nor married to his partner, a big-time singer and global name who has sold billions of records.

The Kelce brothers also hosts a podcast show about their family, and they tag their show “New Heights”.

Jason Kelce Career

Jason Kelce Career 

Jason Kelce’s story in the NFL is one of dedication, noteworthiness, and decorations both on and off the pitch.

Drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011, Kelce spent his 13-year career with one team, which is rare.

His loyalty is uncommon in today’s NFL, where free agency allows players to chase lucrative contracts across the league.

Kelce’s commitment to the Eagles solidified him as a fan favourite and a true franchise cornerstone.

Kelce’s talent blossomed quickly, and he became one of the league’s most respected centres.

Anchoring the offensive line, Kelce helped create a strong foundation for the quarterbacks and running backs, paving the way for their success.

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Kelce’s value wasn’t lost on the Eagles’ management as he continued to hold a massive place in the side.

Throughout his career, he received contracts that reflected his elite status and what he does on the pitch.

His most lucrative deal came in 2023, a one-year contract worth a staggering $14.25 million, which was a massive boost.

His hefty contract solidified his place among the highest-paid centres in the league alongside other big names.

While the financial rewards were substantial, Kelce’s impact exceeded his salary and last name.

He was known for his fiery personality and infectious enthusiasm, becoming a vocal leader for the Eagles both on and off the field.

His passion for the game and his city made him a beloved figure in Philadelphia, where he shaped himself.

Having recently announced his retirement, Kelce isn’t walking away empty-handed, as he has an estimated net worth of around $40 million; he’s set for a comfortable life.

But Kelce isn’t one to rest on his laurels, as he has already launched a popular podcast, a venture that promises to bring him both financial gain and the opportunity to stay connected to the sport he loves.

Travis Kelce Career

Travis Kelce Career 

Travis has rewritten his career history; many might consider him the most successful Kelce brothers.

He became a mismatch nightmare for linebackers and a reliable target for quarterbacks, who are the heart of a team.

His success alongside Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City helped establish the tight end as an offensive weapon, not just a blocker.

The Chiefs showered him with contracts that reflected his unique skillset. In 2020, he signed a then-record-breaking deal for a tight end – a four-year, $57.25 million extension.

This lucrative contract solidified his place as the league’s highest-paid tight end before he was taken over.

While other tight ends have since surpassed him in average annual salary, Kelce remains among the elite earners in his position.

While the financial rewards are undeniable, Kelce brings more than just production. He’s a charismatic personality, a vocal leader, and a fan favourite in Kansas City.

His touchdown celebrations are legendary, adding another layer to his larger-than-life persona. With several years remaining on his current contract and a healthy chunk of guaranteed money, Kelce’s financial future is secure.

Beyond football, his business ventures and endorsements will likely pad his net worth, estimated to be around $40 million.

The Kelce brothers will remain legends in NFL history as their achievements have shown so much to many to replicate.

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