FT: Tottenham 1-0 Burnley, Spurs ADVANCE To FA Cup Next ROUND! (VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

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Tottenham claimed a 1-0 victory against Burnley as they cement a place in the next round of the FA Cup, MySportDab reports.

There was so much to play in the first 45 minutes which they both did well enough to hold themselves from scoring a goal.

Pedro Porro goal was enough to make the difference as Spurs made it through into the next round of the FA Cup.

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More credit is to be given to the away side for holding their ground and making sure they have themselves equal fighting chance.

Tottenham came into the match without their captain Son Heung Min who left the club to represent his national team until February.

The game was calm in the early stage which saw Burnley trying to hold things together and see if they can cause any damages which did not come.

It was close call between them as Spurs saw more of the ball and did all the pressing trying to make something but failed.

Tottenham were unable to make anything much of the first half as they headed inside for the break with a goalless 0-0 against Burnley.

The second half was a lot for both teams as they continued chasing things and tried pressing more for the goal to change things.

It was not working for Tottenham who kept on fighting and breaking every possible position looking for where they could find the goal to score.

Burnley doubled down on their defending and did so much to ensure they kept it clean while trying to see if they can break and score a goal.

The game hit the one hour mark and there was still nothing happening between both teams despite Spurs getting lion share in possession and attempt on goal.

Pedro Porro scored in the 79th minute making sure things became 1-0 for Spurs after an impressive play saw them breaking the deadlock.

Tottenham ended the match with a 1-0 victory against Burnley as they made sure they book their ticket in the next round of the FA Cup.

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