Vikki Layton Bio: Mark Selby’s Wife

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Vikki Layton

Vikki Layton is a businesswoman, media person, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and Mark Selby’s wife.

She only came to relevance after coming up openly to confirm her relationship with her partner, who is a sportsman.

Her personal life has been through a lot, with her being recently diagnosed with cancer.

Vikki Layton Biography

Vikki Layton

She was born March 15, 1992, in Ipswich, UK. Vikki Layton will be 31 in 2023, which makes her a full adult.

Her birthday is always intimate, with her celebrating with family and friends.

She has always been in the United Kingdom, where she was born and still resides.

Her father’s name is Terry Layton. He runs businesses in the United Kingdom and does more for his family.

Her mother’s name is Maria Layton. She is mainly a homemaker for her family and an entrepreneur.

There remains no information concerning Vikki Layton’s siblings for the main time.

She falls into the Pisces sign, with her birthday always marked in March by her family.

She belongs to the white race and ethnicity, and her family is also in the same bracket.

Her family are known Christians, but there is no confirmation of how strong they are committed.

There is no reliable information concerning her education, which took place in her hometown.

Vikki Layton might done all her education, including University in the United Kingdom.

Mark Selby Wife

Mark Selby Wife

Vikki Layton is Mark Selby’s better half, and they have spent most of their life together as committed partners.

The love between them became a thing of public knowledge back in the year 2006.

There is no telling what their lives were when they started seeing themselves before making it public.

Their meeting for the first time happened during a Championship event in Pool.

They were introduced and hit up with some conversation as they did everything possible to get close.

Things were slow as they first took their closeness as friends and learned more from themselves.

They share the same love, which helps them learn quickly about themselves before moving on to the next step.

They were always close, sharpening their skills and learning more in the pool together for some time.

Their relationship grew further with the years passing by as they noted it was time to take another step.

By the year 2010, Vikki Layton and Mark Selby were already making plans in which they were to become a family.

They already took their time understanding themselves before making the move to make things legal.

It was an easy step with their family, giving them the go-ahead and blessing to ensure they have a happy home.

Vikki Layton and Mark Selby sealed their marital status in May 2011 at a romantic location in Mexico.

They already had a romantic time together when the proposal happened in Venice in 2010.

Their marriage has already hit the 11th year in 2023, with them only having one child until now.

Their only offspring, Sofia, was born in 2014, and to this day, she remains the only child the couple has in their home.

The duo have remained stable and supportive of themselves since sealing their marital status.

Meanwhile, they have also been hit with so much in their lives that they are working on stronger together.

Vikki was recently diagnosed with cancer, which has seen her put an end to so many things going on for now.

She is already visiting the hospital and taking the needed treatments to get better as soon as possible.

Mark Selby has yet to make any confirmation as to which kind of cancer his wife was diagnosed with.

They have kept the illness private as they continue to work and pray Vikki comes out good at the end.

Vikki Career

Vikki Career

She enjoys so much in her career, which has seen her make many changes and impact.

Meanwhile, she has achieved a lot for years, working and making a career that kept her busy.

She isn’t the famous one or the one with a massive career path. Her husband is the one who is a global name in sports.

Mark Selby is a powerful and successful snooker player in the game’s history.

He is also a former world number one and has reached the final of the World Championship on eight occasions.

Selby began playing snooker at a young age, which he took as a hubby before making it through the ranks of the amateur game.

He became professional in 2002 and quickly inaugurated himself as one of the most optimistic players on the tour.

He won his first ranking title at the 2005 Welsh Open and followed that up with wins at the 2006 China Open and the 2007 UK Championship.

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Selby followed up his World Championship victory with wins at the 2009 Masters and the 2010 UK Championship.

Selby continued to dominate the snooker world in the following years.

He also won the Masters on three more occasions (2016, 2017, and 2018) and the UK Championship twice (2016 and 2017).

Selby’s career has been marked by several memorable moments.

Mark Selby actively still plays today, but for now, things are a bit slow as he focuses more on his sick wife.

Vikki Layton’s Net Worth

Vikki Layton's Net Worth

Her net worth climbed up to $1 Million due to a career she created and enjoyed.

Vikki Layton is doing enough and making so much from her profession.

Mark Selby makes more between the couple who have kept their little family floating.

They have also been able to make future investments for their child, who is the only daughter they have.

Aside from their family, their personal life is not as extravagant as they intend to live moderately.

Vikki Layton and Mark Selby have moments that have rocked their marriage, but they are holding on well.

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