Anastasia Shubskaya Bio: Alexander Ovechkin’s Wife

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Anastasia Shubskaya Biography

Anastasia Shubskaya is a businessman, cinematographer, model, actress, and Alexander Ovechkin’s Wife.

She is vastly recognized in Russia for being a regular face on television and also the wife of a hockey player.

She has worked alongside her husband, and they are building so much together aside from their family.

Anastasia Shubskaya Biography

Anastasia Shubskaya Biography

She was born November 16, 1993, in Switzerland. Anastasia Shubskaya is 30 years old in 2023.

She enjoys her remarkable birthday every November 16, which adds one more year to her age.

Her father’s name is Kirilli Shubsky. He is an upper-class individual who laboured hard, making life easy for his family.

Her mother’s name is Vera Glagoleva. She was vastly into the filmmaking business and operating in her home as a homemaker.

She consumed portion of her girlhood in Switzerland before moving to Russia, where most of her life occurred.

Anastasia grew up with many memories alongside her siblings, who made everything easy and peaceful.

Her siblings are Anna and Maria, who are both female. Anastasia Shubskaya does not have any brother known for the main time.

She comes from a family who have tremendous wealth, and that made sure her childhood was enjoyable.

Her siblings come from different fathers, which makes them all half-related to themselves in their family.

She is from both Switzerland and Russia when it comes to her heritage, which both parents share.

Her mum is Russia, while her dad is from Switzerland. Most of Anastasia’s life growing up was in Russia with her family.

Unfortunately, her mother passed away in August 2017 due to cancer, where she was being cared for in Germany.

Her educational life background was a good journey, which saw her moving on to a school that does filmmaking.

She graduated from Gerasimov Institute in 2014, where she learned cinematography before moving to the United States.

She enrolled in an acting program in New York, which was how she polished herself into a movie full-time.

Alexander Ovechkin Wife

Alexander Ovechkin Wife

Anastasia Shubskaya is Alexander Ovechkin wife. They have shared a lovely family for years since their marriage.

They have a strong home built from the chemistry of their relationship when they started dating.

Their story isn’t like so many who started in their high school days as teenagers coming off age.

Their love started after meeting each other at an event, which today has been the best day of their lives.

Anastasia was once engaged before meeting Alexander Ovechkin, who became her husband.

Her first relationship was with a wealthy businessman called Artem Bolshakov, with whom they stayed together for a while.

She had the relationship going well enough for three years, which also saw an engagement coming into the full picture.

Their relationship was working out until, due to distance, they had to put things to an end and move on.

Things continued with Anastasia, who became single and available in the dating market for a while.

She initially met with Alexander Ovechkin in 2008 before fate brought them together in 2014.

As time passed, they did not see each other until Alexander approached, reaching Anastasia Shubskaya, with whom they both started getting close.

The duo stayed on until they were engaged in 2015 after their short time dating.

Anastasia Shubskaya and Alexander Ovechkin were married in August 2016, which happened in Moscow.

Their wedding had everything to make it a perfect event on that day, which the duo celebrated with their families. After two years, the duo had a child born in August 2018.

His name is Sergei Aleksandrovich Ovechkin. Anastasia Shubskaya and Alexander Ovechkin are enjoying their life and family in the United States.

Anastasia Career

Anastasia Career

She has earned a lot when it comes to success in her career in filmmaking and also as an actress.

Anastasia Shubskaya did not just start big as an actress working in the filmmaking industry.

She was enticed to act in her childhood, which was mostly thanks to her mother, who is a successful actress.

She always followed her mother to locations and also had herself featured as a child actor.

In 2015, she was already making moves that saw her entering the modelling industry.

Her adorable body and physical appearance were a selling point that saw her quickly become a huge name as a model.

She appeared in a couple of magazines, the lead brands in Russia, before moving on to acting.

There were rumours concerning Anastasia body look, which many suggested her undergoing some upgrading with surgery.

She ventured into the acting World with much experience from school and working with her mother.

She has stayed on acting and building a career for herself, which has gone a long way in establishing her name.

Meanwhile, Anastasia Shubskaya is doing well in her career today, which can be said for Alexander Ovechkin.

Alexander is an athlete who plays Hockey professionally for his country.

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He is a huge player who has attained success on all fronts playing Hockey, which he started at a young age.

His playing days have seen him set records and score many goals as a hockey player.

His days as a player earned him so much personal and collectively with the respective teams he represented.

Alexander Ovechkin has succeeded in making himself a legendary figure whom many respect.

Anastasia Shubskaya Net Worth

Anastasia Shubskaya Net Worth

Her net worth is $ 3 Million, which comes from acting and other business that she did along the way.

Anastasia is working always, and that has enabled her to make more income.

She is an extravagant person who has always known wealth since her early age growing up.

Most of her net worth is generated from acting, which is seen as the main occupation today.

Her partner, Alexander Ovechkin, is also wealthy, with a net worth of $ 20 Million from his ventures.

His success as a hockey player cannot go unnoticed, and he is also a huge source of wealth.

Anastasia Shubskaya and Alexander Ovechkin still actively have a career that is paying well, making them more wealthy.

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