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Tomas Pacina

Tomas Pacina is a sportsman with a playing career, now a hockey coach and Hayley Wickenheiser’s Husband.

He is a popular name in the Czech Republic, operating as a coach under a Hockey team.

His life with his partner is a piece, with them having mixed times going on and off at a point in time.

Tomas Pacina Biography

Tomas Pacina

He was born in 1968 in Prague, Czech Republic. Tomas Pacina is 55 years older in his age in 2023.

He had his birthday already for the year, but the day he was born remains unknown.

Tomas Pacina grew up with his family in the Czech Republic when he could still not be alone.

His father’s name is Mr. Pacina, and his mother’s is Mrs. Pacina, and they both take care of everything in their family.

Tomas has a life that is mainly kept low-key, as he does not appreciate much of his personal information going public.

His life was shared between two countries as he also enjoyed his life in Canada, where his family has roots.

He is both a Czech Republic and Canada International when it comes to his background check.

Hockey Career

Tomas Career

Tomas Pacina’s career is in hockey, where he spent time playing and now works as a coach.

There needs to be more information concerning his playing days, which were short, brief, and successful.

His coaching career kicked in early in 1992 when he was an assistant coach with TSV Erding.

His next job was with Calgary Royals U18 AAA in Canada, where he served as an assistant again in 1994.

Tomas was given the head coach job after completing a move to Germany with EHC Klostersee U20 in 1997.

He was soon the coach of the European Bauer Pioneers in 1998.

His career continued with another job under Team Canada in 1999, where he operated as a skills coach.

He continued with his work under the New York Rangers, where he was still a skills coach from 2000 to 2002.

Before he could stay in one place, his job continued to switch between the United States and Canada.

He also took on a job with Portland Winterhawks as a skills coach for the last time in 2020.

Tomas Pacina took charge of things as Czech Republic coach in 2020, where he still operates.

Aside from his head coach job for the Czech Republic, he also works as a developmental coach for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Pacina enjoys success and continuous progress in his career, earning him massive respect.

Hayley Wickenheiser Husband

Hayley Wickenheiser Husband

Tomas Pacina is Hayley Wickenheiser’s husband, and their relationship is complicated.

Their relationship stories are sketchy, with them not confirmed to have gotten married to each other.

They were only on a relationship basis, which started long ago and was smooth and joyous.

Their love triangle was during their early age when they crossed paths with each other.

Hayley was a hockey player; the same can be said for Tomas, who operated more as a coach.

Their love started due to their working relationship with the same side in Canada.

There is no confirmation on how it started, but the duo had things that went on for a long time.

Hayley Wickenheiser did not at any point get married to Tomas Pacina, who moved on after their breakup.

Hayley continued her life, resulting in her decision to have a child named Noah.

She is enjoying her private life with her son Noah, who they both have their home and stay away from the media.

Tomas Pacina Net Worth

Tomas Pacina Net Worth

His net worth is $3 million from his job in professional hockey and endorsement deals.

Tomas Pacina is doing enough to keep generating money from his career, which has come a long way.

He has made some moves around the United States and Canada, where he mostly got offers.

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He stayed with multiple teams where he operated as head coach, skills coach, and many other positions.

His job saw him earning more than enough to keep him going for as long as possible.

His biggest job remains with the Czech Republic team, where he controls the whole thing going on.

There is no confirmed amount of money paid during his jobs, which increases as the years go by with teams.

Meanwhile, Hayley Wickenheiser also enjoyed enough success in the same professional hockey.

Her net worth is notably at $2 million from her days as a player and current staff position.

Tomas and Hayley Wickenheiser worked together in Canada for the same team.

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