Unbelievable Triumph: The Hurricane Emerges Victorious In Spain

by Ifeanyichukwu Chris Akashili
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The Hurricane Defeats French Opponent in Spain

Jevgenijs “The Hurricane” Aleksejevs, MightyTip’s brand-new ambassador, was again unstoppable in Spain during his debut fight with French boxer Dimitri Trenel.

The European star breezed past his opponent in the TKO third round at the Holiday World Resort in Benalmadena on August 5, extending his professional boxing unbeaten run to 14 in a row.

Although this fight was the first he would have away from the cheering voices of home fans and familiar turf, the MightyTips ambassador did not exhibit fear but instead masterfully sized up his opponent by carefully following his well-thought-out winning strategy.

The first rounds witnessed Aleksejevs displaying agility and using his tactical reach skills.

As he was defending himself against Trenel’s advances, he regularly delivered coordinated body shots and left jabs to his French opponent.

Trenel is an intense fighter, but Aleksejevs’ boxing abilities helped him deflect his aggressions.

While The Hurricane controlled the first round, nothing much eventful happened until 43 seconds into the second round, when the European boxer established his dominance.

Combining a left hook and right uppercut, which turned out to be Aleksejevs’ decisive combo in the contest, the boxer-turned-boxer delivered the first three knockdowns of the fight to his opponent.

While Trenel appeared unmoved by those knocks, they were the entrance through which The Hurricane demolished him.

A Devastating Third Round for Trenel

A Devastating Third Round for Trenel

In what appeared as a radical turnaround, The Hurricane moved with greater strength and force against Trenel in the third round.

Utilizing his perfect combo of a left hook and right uppercut, he dealt the fight’s second knockdown to the French boxer one minute and fourteen seconds into the third round.

By this time, Trenel had a bloody nose and had only his knee to take respite. Although the Frenchman tried to gather himself together and shake it off, Aleksejevs only became more ruthless.

It became more convenient for The Hurricane to get his shots, and the direction the pendulum of the fight was swinging became visible to the blind and audible to the deaf.

Just 56 seconds to the end of the third round, The Hurricane found his deadly combo again, and there were no signs of the French opponent mustering any courage to see it to the end.

The referee probably noticed this and waved the remaining time. Trenel did not protest this decision but instead raised Aleksejevs’ hands as the deserved winner.

To the cheering shouts of an impressed crowd, The Hurricane emerges victorious in Spain with more silverware to his already dazzling records.

On his part, Aleksejevs appreciated the cheering crowd with his four signature bows and shorts.

It looked more like an expected victory for him, and many could not agree less, although his last fight was in 2021.

Fight Plan Well Executed

Fight Plan Well Executed

While speaking with journalists and some of his fans after the fight, Aleksejevs expressed his satisfaction and joy that his fight plan played out as anticipated.

He noted that he had planned to go technical with his French opponent. According to the European boxing pro, he intentionally used the first two rounds to test his opponent’s distance by throwing jabs and counter attacking him.

Once he understood the distance, Aleks said he directed his punches at Trenel’s body and aimed at finishing strong.

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Corroborating this position, Igors Mesmers, Alek’s coach, noted that everything about the fight went as planned.

He noted that their plan for the first round was reconnaissance, the second for openings and distance testing, while the third was to head for a knockdown of the opponent.

The coach lauded his fighter’s technical competence, thoughtfulness, active defense, and relentless strikes even when pressured.

What the Future Holds for The Hurricane

What the Future Holds for The Hurricane

The fourteen unbeaten run by this 31-year-old European boxer is a sure ranking booster for him.

It takes his Super Welterweight ranking to 299, which, if he and the coach can build on it, will only get better.

The question many people are asking is if The Hurricane can keep on with this impressive form, or will he slip with time?

At 31 years, it’s no doubt that he’s at his peak in physical strength, which can carry him a few more years.

And while he may not yet be in the league of experienced professional boxers, his background in kickboxing and taekwondo spanning up to decades has been a massive plus for him.

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