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Reece James have landed himself in big trouble with the FA who have placed charges on him, MySportDab reports.

The injured player have been on the sideline for a while not taking part in any of Chelsea games.

The FA have filled some charges against Reece James following his conduct during a match in the Premier League.

The development came as a shock which could be more damaging with the player already out of the team.

The situation at Chelsea right now is a bit complicated for everyone involved mostly for the team.

According to reports reaching us at MySportDab, it has been confirmed that the FA have placed charges on Reece James today.

Here Is What Was Said:

“Chelsea captain Reece James has been officially charged by the FA!

“This happens due to “improper, insulting or abusive” behaviour towards a match official after Chelsea’s loss to Aston Villa on Sunday.

‘Chelsea captain has until September 29 to respond.

The club will be looking to make things push on immediately as the player could face a ban or fine for his actions.

Reece James hold a huge part of the team as they continue to await his return to the team after getting injury very early in the season.

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