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FT: Slovakia 0-1 Portugal, Bruno Fernandes STRIKES! (VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS)

Portugal claimed a victory to continue their Euro 2024 qualification after beating Slovakia 0-1, MySportDab reports.

Bruno Fernandes scored the goal which made the Portuguese National team claiming the necessary points needed for them to make it 15 points.

It was another match which Cristiano Ronaldo make another International cap for his country adding to his record which is already highest in the history of football.

Match Report

It was a good match for both teams who gaving a reasonable account of themselves with everything that was played all through.

Slovakia came prepared in the match which they had to deal with the powerful attacking which came from their opponent all through.

Portugal were decent enough in all their attempts which saw them trying to take the lead with Cristiano Ronaldo leading their attacking.

They couldn’t make anything materialize in the match which took until the 43rd minutes which saw Bruno Fernandes scored the lead to make things 0-1.

Portugal headed in with the lead after playing a hard fought first-half which ended with them in front with a narrow 0-1 scoreline against Slovakia.

There was more which came in the second half which saw opportunities and so many things coming to play for them.

Portugal were on the lead and that enabled them dictate the game more and control their fate by making sure they remain with their advantage.

Slovakia couldn’t make anything much despite pushing through from every position which they wasn’t just good enough to get the leveler.

The game hit the 70th minutes with scoreline staying the same in favor of the Portuguese national team who were well coordinated in their play.

The scoreline stayed the same as the match progressed and came to an end with Portugal claiming all three points which saw them winning 0-1 against Slovakia.

Watch Highlight Below:

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