Who is Ilya Samsonov’s Wife? Mariya Samsonova

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Mariya Samsonova

Mariya Samsonova is a businesswoman, beautician, television actress and Ilya Samsonov wife.

Samsonova is a stunning performer in several hit Russian television series and films.

Despite her fame and fortune in the entertainment industry, Mariya Samsonova keeps her marriage to Illya a secret.

Although they look to be close, the couple maintains their distance.

Mariya’s talents and Illya’s charm have made her an increasingly popular figure in Russian show business.

Mariya Samsonova Biography

Mariya Samsonova

She was born February 22, 1997, in the United States. Mariya Samsonova is currently 26 years old.

She did enjoy another birthday this year, 2023, which made her one year older with her family and close ones.

There is so much for now concerning her parents and other family members.

She has a life private away from the eyes of the media, where she works as a professional on television.

Mariya Samsonova is a well-known actress in Russia who happens to be Illya Samsonov’s wife.

The Russian actress Mariya Samsonov is married to the NHL goaltender Illya Samsonov of the Washington Capitals.

Mariya Career

Mariya Career

Samsonova is a breathtaking performer who has appeared in many hit television programs and films produced in Russia.

Mariya hides that she is married to Illya, even though she has achieved great success in the entertainment sector.

The duo keeps their distance from one another even though they appear to be relatively close.

Because she possesses both Mariya’s talents and Illya’s charm, she has become an increasingly well-known figure in the Russian entertainment industry.

Ilya Samsonov’s Wife

Ilya Samsonov Wife

Illya Samsonov, the goaltender for the Washington Capitals, was born in Russia.

His wife, Mariya Samsonova, is an introvert. Their history together and marital status are mysteries. They are a long-time couple.

The Russian actress Mariya Samsonova has appeared in many films and television shows.

Despite her notoriety in the film industry, she maintains a low profile in public.

Illya Samsonov and Mariya have a positive relationship, as seen by their regular social outings.

The couple regularly updates their social media with images of each other.

They’ve managed to keep their marriage and relationship under wraps.

Illya and Mariya Samsonova Have a Baby Boy! The son of Illya and Mariya finally arrived on March 23, 2023. Their joy at becoming parents is palpable.

Illya Samsonov, the goaltender for the Washington Capitals, is of Russian descent.

From Magnitogorsk, Russia, Ilya Samsonov got selected by the Washington Capitals as the 22nd pick.

Samsonov played his first season in the KHL for Metallurg Magnitogorsk.

After signing an entry-level deal with the Washington Capitals for three years, he began playing with the Hershey Bears of the American Hockey League in 2018.

October 14, 2019, marked a monumental day for young goaltender Samsonov as he stepped onto the ice for his highly anticipated debut in the National Hockey League.

The excitement was palpable as fans eagerly watched how this rising star would fare against the formidable Colorado Avalanche.

With nerves of steel and determination in his eyes, Samsonov showcased his exceptional skills between the pipes.

The game was an actual test of his abilities, with both teams battling fiercely for dominance.

Every save he made got met with thunderous applause from the crowd, who recognized the immense talent on display.

The final score of 2-1 in favour of his squad was a testament to his remarkable performance.

It was a moment of triumph for the young goaltender, who had proven himself on the grandest stage. This victory was just the beginning for Sam.

Our talented player took to the ice in 26 exhilarating games in his early days as a rookie.

With an impressive record of 16 wins, six losses, and two ties, he showcased his determination and skill.

Keeping the opposing teams at bay, he boasted a commendable 2.55 goals against average, proving his ability to defend the net with finesse.

Additionally, his save percentage stood at an impressive .913, illustrating his unwavering focus and agility between the pipes.

During the 2020-21 season, Samsonov struggled with COVID-19, which kept him out of action for several weeks.

In 19 games Ilya Samsonov played, he recorded 8-6-2 with 2.69 goals against average and a 902 save %.

Despite the recent difficulties, Samsonov will remain an essential player for the Washington Capitals, and his development got projected to advance.

Illya Samsonov has appeared in 45 games for the NHL and has compiled a record of 24-12-3 with a goals-against average of 2.61 and a save percentage 910.

After 80 games in the AHL, Ilya Samsonov has a record of 45-25-5.

Mariya Samsonova’s Net Worth

Mariya Samsonova Net Worth

Her net worth is $500k. Mariya Samsonova does make all her revenue from acting.

Illya Samsonov’s net worth is $5 million from his career playing Hockey game.

Mariya needs to discuss the details of how she became wealthy.

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Illya Samsonov’s salary and cap hit in the 2022-2023 NHL season at $1.8 million.

In his four seasons in the NHL, Samsonov has appeared in 131 games during the regular season and 14 games during the playoffs.

Samsonov has three contracts worth a total of $8,225,000.

After the 2022-2023 NHL season, at the age of 26, he will be eligible to become a restricted free agent.

Despite his accomplishments and wealth, Samsonov prefers to keep a quiet profile and concentrate on hockey.

Mariya does not provide anything about her personal life or financial situation.

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