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Amouranth is a businesswoman, model, actress, and social media influencer.

She is popularly known amongst many individuals who have come across her work online.

Her personal life is a bit of a mystery, but all will be broken down in this content with all information.

Amouranth Biography


She was born December 2, 1993, in Houston, USA. Her birth name is Kaitlyn Siragusa, but many people know her by Amouranth.

Her birthday is in December, so many well-wishers and family will celebrate her turning one year older.

She grew up as a little girl in Houston, Texas, with her parents.

NameKaitlyn Siragusa (Amouranth)
Age 29 Years Old
Date Of Birth December 2, 1993
Husband Nick Lee
CareerContent Creator
Adult Film Actress

Her father’s name is Mr. Siragusa. There is no valid identification or information concerning him.

Her mother’s name is Mrs. Siragusa. Nothing is mentioned on the internet concerning her whereabouts.

She didn’t grow up in a wealthy family, but she did have some beautiful moments that helped shape her into a woman.

There is so much information yet unknown to many people that the model keeps private.

She hasn’t mentioned anything concerning her siblings, who are still unknown.

Amouranth Career

Amouranth Career

She has ventured into so many stuff as a profession which also includes being a film actress.

Amouranth started with little jobs as a cosplayer who dressed up and appeared in different characters.

She mainly worked at children’s birthday parties and other events for which she was paid to come.

She visits hospitals in costume to play with sick children and many others.

Her reputation grew as she switched things in her career working with Twitch.

In 2016, she started working with Twitch as a content creator, which was a big break for her career.

She livestream herself making costumes, and she continued to pick up the pace and grow in number.

In 2021, She was already a famous face and became the highest-streaming female on Twitch.

The same year she revealed she was cut off from making money on Twitch without any reason made clear.

She later resumed making money but it was reduced to ensure she only made a little from Twitch.

She faced a ban from Twitch on five occasions before meeting the same fate on TikTok and Instagram.

Before being banned from her social media accounts, she was already making millions from other platforms.

In 2022, She had already made an enormous sum of $33 million from her work.

Amouranth also creates NSFW content and cosplays, and he frequently streams in tandem with other Twitch streamers.

She announced on social media in 2021 that she had acquired a gas station which she is leasing out to a Circle K.

In January 2022, she also proclaimed that she had obtained an inflatable pool toy industry.

In April 2022, she reported stopping and ending some work.

Husband Nick Lee

Amouranth Husband

Amouranth is married to Nick Lee, a bodybuilder and professional athlete trainer.

The couple tied the knot in 2015, but she has never made her husband’s name public.

According to some internet users who dug deeper, Nick Lee is the name of her husband.

Before they got married, Nick and she were close friends. Nick used to be a bodybuilder.

Lee began his Twitter account around 2020, posting photos of their marriage declaration.

Her union with her better half has not been excellent since it happened, and there is no confirmation if they are still together.

It was alleged that her dishonest spouse controlled her bank and social media accounts and compelled her to stream online against her will.

He informed her that she had to broadcast against her will because her streaming benefited them financially.

He also made her participate in her well-known “hot tub” broadcasts.

By threatening to burn down her house or kill her pets, her spouse used to intimidate her.

On the other hand, Amouranth made a video reassuring her fans that she is trying to live a healthy life.

She found appropriate counseling and regained financial control.

Amouranth Net Worth

Amouranth Net Worth

Her net worth is $10 million. She made all her money online and also in other business ventures.

She has worked so much to ensure she is independent and takes care of everything.

She mostly made a lot in her relationship to take care of herself and her partner.

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She only works online and does cosplay, attending events on many occasions to earn money.

She is a private person who does not show off so much in wealth despite making so much.

Her brand online was one of the biggest before she decided to stop focusing on new things.

Amouranth has moved on from different ventures over time.

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