Saida Mouh Bio: Achraf Hakimi Mother

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Saida Mouh

Saida Mouh is a homemaker, a celebrity mom, and football player Achraf Hakimi’s mother.

She suddenly became famous after his son made a statement during the World Cup in Qatar.

She is also known as the woman whose name is registered under the wealth his son has made in football.

Saida Mouh Biography

Saida Mouh

She was born in Morocco. Saida Mouh age is unknown, but many believe she is in her 50s.

She is a popular figure making a lot of buzz on the internet due to his son being a football player.

Saida and her husband, Hassan Hakimi, fled Morocco for Spain, hoping for a better life.

NameSaida Mouh
Date Of BirthN/A
HusbandHassan Hakimi

They overcame obstacles to build a nurturing home for their kids, one of whom, Achraf, is rising as a professional football player.

This essay will explore the Hakimi family’s fascinating history and incredible rise to prominence.

In their marriage, Saida and Hassan Hakimi uprooted their young family from Morocco to Spain for economic stability.

The process of immigration, however, was not simple for them as they had Language problems, among others.

The Hakimi never gave up on their dream of providing a better life for their kids, no matter how difficult things became.

Saida and Hassan experienced several difficulties as newcomers to Spain, but they could navigate it all so well.

They needed help finding work and communicating with locals due to language problems.

They also had to adapt to a new way of life and culture. The pair also had difficulties making ends meet and had to work hard.

Saida Mouh has been well-liked since she gave birth to Achraf Hakimi, one of the best complete-backs in the world.

Saida’s commitment and encouragement have paid off, as Achraf now plays for both PSG and the Moroccan national.

Both Saida and her spouse Hassan Hakimi are native Moroccans; they were both born in the city of Ksar El Kebir.

Saida and Hassan’s children include two sons called Nabil and Achraf and a daughter named Ouidad.

Achraf’s success is largely attributed to Saida’s undying devotion to her children.

Her success is a tribute to her mother’s nurturing and the value of hard work.

Saida Career

Saidi Career

Hassan was a street vendor who sold goods to make ends meet for her and their family.

Saida was employed as a housekeeper at a point which also was a job she kept on doing for a while.

They worked hard and put in long hours, but they were able to care for their kids and provide a happy home for them.

Knowing she had to move to a different country where she needed a fresh start wasn’t easy.

She has always been a strong woman who made sure that as she made ends meet for her family, she also cared for her children.

Achraf Hakimi Mother

Achraf Hakimi Mother

Saida Mouh is Achraf Hakimi’s mother, a football defender with Paris Saint Germain and Morocco national teams.

At the beginning of each game, Achraf asks Saida to pray for him and the team’s success.

He always does it with her, behind her back, and without anybody finding out.

Achraf is grateful for Saida’s prayers and personal and professional development support.

His Moroccan heritage heavily influenced Achraf’s childhood and success on the football field.

He was raised on Arabic and authentic Moroccan cuisine.

His parents gave him a deep appreciation for Moroccan heritage.

As his football career took off, he served his country with honor.

Achraf’s interest in football began at an early age.

Great Moroccan players like Mustapha Hadji and Noureddine Naybet influenced him as he watched them with his father.

Major league clubs noticed him as his performance improved.

Achraf was recruited by the Moroccan national squad when he was only 14 years old.

He is committed to playing each game with honor for his nation.

Achraf owes a great deal to the support of his Moroccan followers.

Their belief in him and desire to see him succeed have inspired him to push himself to new heights.

He is committed to representing his nation with honor and playing to his full potential in every game.

Actress and model Hiba Abouk (of Spanish and Tunisian descent) is married to Achraf.

In 2020, their first son Amin was born to the couple, and in 2022, their second son Niam joined their family.

The marriage between Achraf Hakimi and Hiba Abouk is on the verge of dissolving, and the two are likely to split soon.

It has been reported that the Paris Saint-Germain player was having an affair with a 24-year-old lady at his Boulogne, Paris, house while his wife and children were on vacation.

Fanny Colin, who represents Hakimi, says the athlete is innocent of all charges.

Although PSG has not commented on the matter, Hakimi’s marriage may have ended.

The mother of Hakimi finally spoke out. “My heart tells me that my son is innocent and benefits from a good education,” Saida Mouh remarked.

What happened to him was unjustified. Yes, I did talk to him about it, and he assured me he was innocent on his word.

Hakimi’s mother has clarified that she would not tolerate slanderous remarks against her family.

It should be an example to those who would hurt others without cause.

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Hakimi and his wife’s divorce case made it to the internet, another one with the mother’s involvement.

Saida Mouh was said to be the person in charge of Hakimi’s wealth in total, which was discovered at the court.

The mother of the football star owns everything his son has made, leaving the PSG man with nothing under his name.

Saida Mouh Net Worth

Saida Mouh Net Worth

Her net worth is $24 million. She is the woman who controls 80 percent of Hakimi’s wealth.

Saida Mouh has made a lot also for herself managing her son’s wealth which is part of her job.

Her son is the one making sure the money keeps coming in after making a move to PSG.

It is reported that Achraf earns over $215,000 weekly and has a net worth of over $24 million, making him the sixth highest-paid player in Africa.

The wealth of Achraf Hakimi is under the name of his mother, Saida Mouh, as of today, 2023.

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