Lebron James Family: Dad, Mom, Children

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Lebron James Family

The Lebron James family is among the greatest names and players to make it into the NBA.

He has put his name in the book of history breaking and setting many records for himself.

Aside from his career, he is also a family man who ensures he can provide and make things happen.

Lebron James Family

Lebron James Family

Lebron James family has a big and happy home have their names making headlines.

His popularity has placed his family among the well-known people in the United States of America.

He has done so much for his family, mostly his wife and children, who are all doing well.

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His mom and dad did a good job making sure Lebron James became the man he is today.

Although much credit to his mother, who had to take full responsibility to ensure everything was going alright.

Lebron James family didn’t have a stable home when growing up as he only had his mother, who was a single parent.

The Lebron James family is happy and enjoying it, thanks to the NBA superstar’s success.

Lebron Dad

Lebron Dad

Lebron James’ dad’s name is Anthony McClelland. He is a man who didn’t make good choices in life.

While growing up, the Lebron James family never had the opportunity of a father figure in his life despite how much he needed it.

His mother was responsible for ensuring she was both parents to her son.

Anthony McClelland has yet to make any effort or try to make sure he provides for his son or baby mama.

During the early days, Lebron’s dad and mom were casually dating each other at a point in time.

Anthony McClelland had a criminal record that hunted him all through his life.

In 2002 he was arrested for theft, including other charges that kept him away.

He was always coming and going to prison, where he spent most of his life during the birth of Lebron James’ childhood.

Aside from his life of crime, he also had another pregnant woman, which he didn’t have a hand in staying.

Lebron James’ dad wasn’t around, but he managed to make something for himself as one of the biggest names in the NBA.

Lebron Mom

Lebron Mom

His mother’s name is Gloria James. She was the sole parent of her son Lebron James.

She was born February 4, 1968, in Ohio. She did her growing up in Akron, Ohio, where she met her baby daddy.

She is from a mixed heritage which is part of Africa and also American, which is mostly 70 percent.

Her mother’s name is Freda James. Her father’s name is Cantona James. They both had their lives in the United States.

Gloria grew up with two siblings in Akron. Her siblings’ names are Terry and Curt, and James.

She could only do high school before dropping out due to some issues which are still unknown for now.

She had her life going until falling in love and had a baby with a man who wasn’t there to take responsibility.

Despite how things were initially, she did a good job ensuring her son became the best version of himself.

Gloria James is an activist who has been able to inspire a lot of women and people in America.

She had to endure a lot along the way to ensure her child was doing well.

The success of Lebron James is attributed to what his mother had to sacrifice along the way.

Lebron James family mainly consists of him and his mother during the early days of growing up.

Lebron James Children

Lebron James Children

Lebron James and his wife, Savannah James, have three children in their marriage.

All the children of the NBA star are with the same woman who has been there since their early days.

Lebron has two sons and one daughter, and they all live together, as the eldest is still a teenager.

His first child is Bronny James Jr., born on October 6, 2004. He is the oldest born in his family.

Bronny is 18 years old now. He is following his father’s path to becoming a professional basketball player.

He could make it in the 2024 NBA draft, with him nearing the eligibility stage to make his professional move.

Bryce Maximus James is the second born of his family. He was born on June 14, 2007.

Bryce is 15 years old and has yet to celebrate his 2023 birthday, which will see him climb to 16 years old.

Zhuri Nova James is the last born and only daughter of her family, all superstars.

She was born on October 22, 2014. She is just a little girl, eight years old, who is still growing up.

She is more of her mother, and there are talks about her taking her path in women’s basketball.

Lebron James family is successful, and there is no doubt that his children will do more for themselves in their profession.

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