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Who Is Ryan Carson Curry? Stephen Curry Daughter

by Helen Essien
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Ryan Carson Curry

Ryan Carson Curry is a celebrity child, kid model, student, and Stephen Curry’s daughter.

She is one of the daughters of a prominent figure who has been tagged as the best in his profession.

She is also a popular child in her family and known for embracing the spotlight.

Ryan Carson Curry Biography

Ryan Carson Curry

She was born on July 10, 2015, in the United States. What is Ryan Carson Curry’s Age? She is a seven years old girl.

She will mark her 8th birthday with friends and family members in 2023.

She is born into a family of famous names, including her parents and elder sister.

Her father’s name is Stephen Curry. He is one of the biggest names playing in the NBA today.

Her mother’s name is Ayesha Curry. She is a model, social media personality, and actress.

Ryan Carson is the second born of her parents, with her having two other siblings.

She is still a little girl who is still going to school at this point. There isn’t so much she has experienced.

Despite being a little girl, Ryan still enjoys many privileges others wish to have in their personal lives.

Stephen Curry Daughter

Stephen Curry Daughter

Ryan Carson Curry is the daughter of NBA player Stephen Curry and her mother, Ayesha Curry.

She has always shared a close connection and relationship with her father.

Just like her other siblings, Ryan also attends games and publicly appears with her father.

There are a lot of pictures, videos, and other showing Ryan with her family enjoying their time in several NBA games.

Whenever her father is out injured, she sometimes watches with him on the sideline.

Ryan Carson Curry enjoys much time with his father, a player in the NBA.

Her father, Stephen Curry, is the brother of current basketball star Seth and the son of Dell.

He set scoring records while playing college basketball for the Wildcats.

In the 2009 draft, the Warriors picked Stephen Curry as the 7th overall choice of a rookie.

Curry led the Warriors to a first championship title since 1975, in which he was the team’s main player.

In the accompanying season, he became the primary player to be chosen MVP by a consistent vote. He led the association in scoring while at the same time shooting over 50-40-90.

Curry helped the Warriors reach the Finals again in 2017, 2018, and 2019, where they lost to the Raptors in 2019 but won both titles in 2017.

Curry made 272 three-pointers in the regular season in the 2012–13 season, which set a record.

He overtook Ray Allen as the player with the most three-pointers made in a career on December 14, 2021.

Curry and Thompson, Curry’s teammates, are known as the Splash Brothers because of how well they shoot.

She knows her father’s status in the NBA and hopes she will play in the WNBA someday.

Ryan Siblings

Ryan Siblings

Ryan Carson Curry has two siblings and still lives together with their parents.

Her parents are investing a lot to ensure all their children are successful and growing up well.

They are all three children of the Curry family who are still little and need parental care.

Her siblings’ names are Riley, the family’s firstborn, and Cannon, the last and only boy in the house.

Riley Curry was born in 2012, after the official marriage of her parents.

Riley Elizabeth Curry will be 11 years in 2023, making her the eldest born of her family.

Her brother, Cannon, was born in 2018. He is his father’s successor and, hopefully, a future NBA player.

Canon Jack Curry will be five years in 2023. He is the youngest of all his siblings and the only male.

Ryan Carson is the second child, which makes them all three in their family, and they are growing up fast.

The Curry family spends many days together when the parents are not working.

Ryan Carson Curry’s Net Worth

Ryan Carson Curry Net Worth

She has a net worth of $20,000. Ryan is not yet working, but she has appeared in ads with her family.

A significant amount of her net worth is from her dad, one of the highest-paid stars in the NBA.

Her father is amongst Forbes’s list of the wealthiest athletes worldwide.

Stephen Curry’s net worth is around $160 million. He makes money from NBA, endorsements, and other deals from sports brands.

Her mother, Ayesha Curry, is also making a lot in her career, and her net worth is $10 million. She is a widespread look in the media and has earned a career for herself.

Her character has her amongst the top names of well-known women married to NBA players.

Ryan Carson Curry is a happy child with her father, Stephen Curry, who ensures their lives and everything stays perfect.

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