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Who Is Darryl Baum? Cause Of Death

by Helen Essien
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Darryl Baum

Darryl Baum was an American professional bodyguard, businessman, and former bodyguard of Mike Tyson.

He was one of the scariest people who caused a lot of havoc and problems in the United States of America.

Aside from his crimes, he did have a life of his own which he had a job of being a bodyguard to a famous sportsman.

Who Is Darryl Baum?

Darryl Baum

He was born in 1980 in Brooklyn, United States. Darryl Baum was confirmed dead in 2010.

He could only live until marking his 30-year-old birthday leading to his gruesome death.

He grew up in Brooklyn with his family, all natives of the United States of America.

His childhood was one in which he had both of his parents supporting him until he became an adult.

His father’s name is Mr. Baum. He is a respected individual known all over his community.

His mother’s name is Mrs. Baum. She is a homemaker and a businesswoman.

Darryl Baum has siblings, but there are no details concerning their names or identities, which is private.

He did all his education in Brooklyn, the same place he stayed all his life upon his death.

He attended his age grade and high school at a facility in Brooklyn that hasn’t been made public.

He went to school in his hometown and entered the business world.

Darryl Baum Cause Of Death

Darryl Baum Cause Of Death

Darryl died from a gunshot many years ago, which was made public by the authorities.

He was one individual who had his head always on the wrong side of life despite being linked with many people.

Darryl Baum had a life filled with troubles from one place to another and a lot of involvement from the cops.

He was linked to a lot of violence in his hometown and gunshot attacks.

All his cases often get down to the authorities who had him under heavy watch and investigation.

He was a suspect in many crimes; some were pinned on him, and others flew away.

The authorities confirmed that Darryl was shot lifeless and confirmed dead on June 10, 2010.

His life wasn’t too good as he was the man who shot 50 Cent in 2000 at his grandma’s apartment.

The American rapper and actor survived Darryl’s attack on him, who reportedly shot him nine times.

Darryl Career

Darryl Career

During his active days, Darryl Baum had a career as a bodyguard for boxing legend Mike Tyson.

He knew many people and always had issues due to his behaviors.

He is regarded as one of the notorious villains who troubles many people with violence.

Many people know him for being Mike Tyson’s bodyguard before he was caught up in crime.

He worked for the boxer for a long time, making sure his security was guaranteed at a point in time.

His crime was part of why his job with Mike Tyson ended, having got himself involved with the wrong people.

There is so many more revelation about Darryl, which quickly turned him from being a bodyguard to a felon in the United States.

Darryl Baum’s Net Worth

Darryl Baum Net Worth

He had a net worth of $40,000. Darryl earned well from his job as Mike Tyson’s bodyguard.

He had a lucrative job bringing in much money for himself and his family.

He also did make money from his other business, which is mostly crime involved on multiple occasions.

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There are claims that Darryl was involved in some business ventures that fetched him revenue.

His only known job remains his involvement with Mike Tyson as a bodyguard.

Darryl Baum developed well before his death in 2010 after terrorizing many people.

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