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Nikki Guidish

Nikki Guidish is an American supermodel, pharmacist, businesswoman, and Patrick Cantlay Wife.

Her name is famous due to her relationship with her husband, a reputable sportsman in the United States of America.

She has recorded a lot of success in her career, which put her where she is today despite being married.

Nikki Guidish Biography

Nikki Guidish

She was born November 12, 1991, in Naples, Florida. Nikki Guidish is 31 years old now.

She will hit 32 years old by November 2023, her birthday month. She already marks a year older with her family.

She is an American by birth and everything. Her parents are also both citizens of the U.S.A.

She grew up in Florida, the United States of America, where she and her entire family live together.

Her father’s name is Jerry Guidish. He was a former golf player who only played at the amateur level.

Her mother’s name is Ann Pamela Guidish. She passed away in 2016 after a long fight with cancer which took her life.

Her childhood was unique growing up with his siblings, who are also doing well today in their respective lives.

She grew up with two brothers. Their names are Douglas Guidish and Joseph Guidish.

Nikki Guidish comes from a family of famous people who participated in golf. Her granny was a Championship-winning golf player.

She was also once a sportswoman who took part in in Volleyball and golf during her period in school.

She did her education at Gulf Coast High School in her hometown of Naples, Florida.

She attended the University in Florida, where she studied health science and medicine.

Nikki Guidish is a well-nurtured and brought-up young woman who has been able to make something good for herself.

Patrick Cantlay Wife

Patrick Cantlay Wife

Nikki Guidish is the wife of American golf player Patrick Cantlay, a renowned professional.

She and her spouse have been concurrently for longer than what was claimed to be between them.

They had reach a long path in their affair, which was only recently made public by them.

As the story may seem, Nikki Guidish and Patrick Cantlay have been seeing each other privately while getting to know each other.

They have hung out a lot in a way that the media didn’t have an idea that something was going on between them.

The duo made their relationship private in 2021; by then, they were already in another place together.

They are both private regarding their romantic life, which has been their top priority since they started seeing each other.

The couple has been working hard in their respective careers while also making plans for their future together.

Nikki Guidish and Patrick Cantlay are both engaged. They got engaged the last year, in 2022, in a romantic scene.

The pair see themselves as one already and are not looking to waste much time in the dating zone.

The couple dispatched pictures on their social media pages verifying their engagement.

Their wedding is also expected to take place this year, 2023, as plans are in place for an elaborate wedding ceremony.

The duo has yet to have any children of their own despite how long they have been together.

The pair are the perfect match for each other as they both have a passion and love for golf.

Nikki is mainly present to support her partner Patrick at most of his golf tournaments.

The couple also takes time to enjoy themselves playing golf together, mainly done on their holidays.

Nikki Guidish and Patrick Cantlay are prepared and will soon exchange vows in 2023 with all plans ready for their wedding.

Nikki Career

Nikki Career

Nikki Guidish is a doctor, pharmacist, fitness trainer, model, and businesswoman in her career.

She is successful at all she does today, which also pays her a lot of money to sustain herself.

She studies pharmacist at the University, and since graduation, she has worked in the health department.

She is in charge of Palm Beach pharmaceuticals, where she works of recently in her career.

She once had a job at Public Pharmacy, which she left, and also worked at Public Super Market.

Nikki is also a model who is 5 feet and 4 inches tall. She is a successful model who has operated with a number of organizations.

Her career as a model is one of the biggest which made her famous, appearing on the South Hampton magazine cover in 2015.

She also earned a feature on the 2017 Spring break calendar, which was a big break as a model for her.

She is a success and also spreads to being one of the top fitness instructors in her community.

Her success is so much that she became famous before meeting her husband, a golfer.

She is mainly at the gym, working out and helping people be in their best natural shape.

Nikki Guidish Net Worth

Nikki Guidish Net Worth

Nikki Guidish’s net worth is $1 million. She is into fitness, medicine, business, and also a model.

Her wealth comes from all jobs. She is super active in working and making sure there is always money being made.

She started working in her school days when she did more modeling with brands.

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Professional, she is regarded as a Doctor Pharmacist in the health department.

She does other jobs together, primarily as models for brands on her social media page.

Her partner is also a successful man who is a professional golfer. His net worth is around $20 million or more.

He is ranked amongst the top make golfers in America and the world, with many accolades attached to his name.

Patrick Cantlay Wife, Nikki Guidish, is booming, which makes them both happy in their relationship, which also sees them support each other careers.

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