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Emilia Pikkarainen

Emilia Pikkarainen is a professional Finland Swimmer who is also a record holder.

She is one of the most celebrated athletes in her hometown country, Finland, where there are many others who have achieved a lot for themselves.

Aside from her fame in the World of sports, she is also a good personality in the scene, which many have had encounters with her, and they also had a lot to talk about.

Emilia Pikkarainen Biography

Emilia Pikkarainen

She was born October 11, 1992, in a city called Vantaa, one of the smallest countries in the World called, Finland.

Emilia Pikkarainen is 30 years old already, and she did have her birthday not long ago, which saw many people and her fans wishing her a memorable one.

She is a full Finnish International, including every member of her family who has spent all their lives in Finland.

Despite being a famous person today, she is the kind of athlete who does not have enough time for the cameras.

There is barely enough information in the media concerning her livelihood when she was still a little girl growing up under her parents.

Her parent’s name is Jukka Pikkarainen, and her father is the only knowledgeable person in her life as of today with no information concerning her mother’s identity.

She wasn’t the only child of her parents, and she had a sibling who was heavily involved in ensuring their childhood was peaceful and amazing.

Her sibling’s name is Ville Pikkarainen, we can’t confirm more about the said sibling, but they both share a good relationship.

Emilia Husband

Emilia Husband

Emilia Pikkarainen is the ex-wife of motorsports and formula one driver Valtteri Bottas.

They have been together for a long time, which led to marriage before their divorce.

The early days of their dating were amazing, as they created a lot of memories together.

Emilia Pikkarainen and Valtteri Bottas had a wonderful relationship that lasted for many years.

Despite how busy their respective careers were, the couple still had time to ensure they spent time together.

During the early days of Emilia and Botta’s relationship, they were still struggling to make a career for themselves amid everything also going on with their personal life.

They kept everything in the relationship private until 2010 when it was made official to the public, who was already speculating.

Things remain solid for the couple, who attend events together and are also seen coming out to support each other in tournaments.

Emilia Pikkarainen and Valtteri Bottas decided to take their relationship to another after dating each other for many years.

The couple got engaged, and by 2016, they were already planning their wedding, which wasn’t a small one.

They tied things down on September 2016 in a memorable wedding with many popular faces in attendance, including family members from both sides.

The wedding occurred at St. John’s Church, Helsinki, a popular worship place in Finland.

The couple stayed married for years before things hit rock bottom in their relationship.

They continued until 2019, when they had no choice but to file for divorce, which was concluded in that same year.

Emilia Pikkarainen and Valtteri Bottas finalized their divorce in November 2019.

Formula 1 driver Bottas came out to confirm the news of their divorce which he claimed challenges from their jobs and personal issues led to them going their separate ways.

Emilia Pikkarainen did not have any children during her marriage with her former husband, and we are also still waiting to confirm if she is dating anyone else today.

Emilia Career

Emilia Career

Emilia Pikkarainen is a professional swimmer for Finland and also a businesswoman.

Her swimming career brought her to the limelight as one of the best in the women’s category.

She made her debut during the 2008 Olympic Games when she was just a 15-year-old girl.

She represented her home country Finland where she competed in the 100 meters butterfly.

Emilia swam 1:02.31, which saw her ranking 46th overall, and she didn’t make too much noise at that year’s Olympic Games.

Emilia Pikkarainen returned better with more experience during the 2012 Olympics Games, representing Finland again.

She competed in 100 and 200 meters butterfly and took part in the 200 meters individually.

She continued to flourish and grow more with her swimming career, in which she also participated in the 2016 Olympics games.

She participated in one of Finland’s teams for the four × 100-meter medley relay during the 2016 Olympics Games.

Emilia has won titles for herself throughout her career; she claimed Bronze during the 2016 European Championship.

She also won Silver in 2016 and another Bronze in 2010 in 4×50 meters freestyle.

Emilia Pikkarainen has a lot of success attached to her name, and she is still doing a lot to keep moving on with her career today.

Emilia Pikkarainen Net Worth

Emilia Pikkarainen Net Worth

Emilia Pikkarainen’s net worth is $1,000,000 million from her swimming career.

She is one of the greatly prosperous swimmers from Finland, where she started making a name for herself.

Swimming is less lucrative than other sports, which occur every year in and out, but Emilia was able to make something good.

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Her insignia contracts are another process; she received more revenue, enhancing her net worth.

She also does modeling jobs for sports brands and companies who pay her well for all their dealings.

Her gorgeous body figure makes her one of the most beautiful athletes, and she also had the opportunity to cover a lot of magazines.

Emilia is living a low-key life as there isn’t much in the media about her today, and the only social media account attached to her is private.

There isn’t so much on Emilia as many speculate she might have retired from active swimming to face her personal life.

Emilia Pikkarainen is currently in Finland, where she lives in her home with some family members.

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