Demetri Jackson Bio: Rhea Ripley Husband

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Demetri Jackson

Demetri Jackson is a professional trainer, wrestler, and the husband of WWE Diva Rhea Ripley.

He is a successful bodybuilder who has had the opportunity to work with many people including his partner.

His career has been alright in wrestling, where he has been making a name for himself.

Demetri Jackson Biography

Demetri Jackson

He was born November 5, 1985, in Puerto Rico, where he and all his other family members originated.

Demetri Jackson is 36 years old now. His birthday was celebrated last month, a wonderful day with his entire family celebrating him.

He is an American citizen born in Puerto Rico, which he called home as a child.

His real name is Kevin Ortiz, but he now goes by Demetri Action Jackson.

He has entire Puerto Rican ethnicity and heritage, which is always visible in his actions and how he portrays himself.

Despite growing up in a religious home, he practices the Christian religion, but there is no telling what his spiritual beliefs are today

His parents are key figures in his life, and on some occasions, he shows them off via his social media account.

His father’s name is unknown, and his son, Demetri Jackson, has decided to make his whereabouts private for now.

His mother’s name is also missing from the public because they are not the type who embraces the spotlight.

Demetri Jackson has a sibling who is the only known member of his family, and his name is Jonathan Ortiz.

He has always had his family behind him since his childhood which helped him a lot in becoming the man he is today.

Rhea Ripley Husband

Rhea Ripley Husband

Demetri Jackson is the husband of WWE Women wrestler Rhea Ripley.

The couple has shared a lot in the journey, and they have spent so much time enjoying each other company.

They both have a lot in common, which is always a critical figure that unites most couples, knowing they understand each based on what they share.

Demetri Jackson and Rhea Ripley are both individuals who spend a lot of time in the gym and also in the ring.

Their love story also started at the gym, where they first met before taking things to the next level.

The couple had their first meeting in 2018. At that point, Demetri was a newcomer to the gym house, while Rhea was a professional wrestler.

They had the idea of their respective status before hitting things off at the gym house.

The couple started nursing a closeness for each other anytime they were together working out, which was always a regular thing.

They continued seeing each other and became best friends until the following year, 2019 when they took the next step.

Demetri and Rhea Ripley came out officially as a couple in 2019, and since then, they have been each other sidekicks.

They have achieved much together as wrestlers who made it from the lower division.

Rhea Ripley was already a professional who had her name established in the WWE Universe, while Demetri was just an upcoming.

They are also advisers to each other, encouraging themselves always in everything concerning their career as wrestlers.

They are going strong in their relationship, and have yet to welcome any children.

Demetri Career

Demetri Career

Demetri Jackson is a professional gym trainer and wrestler.

His career is still taking off as he is yet to reach the level of her partner, who is already making waves.

During his days at the University, he participated in a weightlifting competition at the National University Championships 2015.

He has also carried on participating in some other weightlifting competitions and also did perform as a cheerleader.

Demetri had to a point where his knee was becoming an issue, leading him to take a step back from all the heavy lifting.

His wrestling career started in 2018; since then, he has worked hard to reach the biggest stage.

He is not anywhere near the WWE level today despite the help of her wife, Rhea Ripley, who can only offer him little help on the biggest stage.

He sure receives a lot of tips and helps from her partner, who is hoping someday he might get the break that is much needed.

He’s working hard to ensure he grows independently and is not allowed into the big stages for free.

He hopes to get the opportunity he has worked so hard for one day to boost his career.

Demetri Jackson’s Net Worth

Demetri Jackson Net Worth

He has a net worth of $1,000,000. Demetri Jackson earns from his career as a wrestler.

He is doing well and doing everything he can reach greater heights in the future.

His net worth is expected to grow further in the coming years as he continues to work more to improve himself.

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Demetri has been in wrestling for a while but is yet to get his big break into the biggest of stages.

He aims to move into the WWE for all wrestlers in the most significant stages of their career.

Despite not being on the big stages, he earns roughly $52,000 from wrestling which is his primary source of income.

His partner Rhea Ripley is earning a lot for herself in her career, which is already at the top level.

Ripley has a contract with the WWE, which pay her $250,000, which is nowhere near some of the biggest names in the industry.

Demetri Jackson isn’t that distant or unsecured about Rhea Ripley’s success knowing his time will come someday.

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