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Lisa Wilson

Lisa Wilson is an American fitness trainer and the mother of NFL player Zach Wilson.

She is one woman who has established herself as a social media influencer and a chef.

She is part of her son’s life, doing a lot to make her proud despite how the media have speculated so much about them.

Lisa Wilson Biography

Lisa Wilson

She was born in 1973 in Utah, United States of America.

Lisa Wilson is 49 years old; she also did mark another year of her birthday some months ago which was a good one for her life.

She is physically fit and looks good for her age, which is not the same for many.

Name Lisa Wilson
Age 49 Years Old
Date Of Birth August 8 1973
Husband Michael Wilson
Children Micah Wilson, Zach Wilson, Josh Wilson, Isaac Wilson, Whitney Wilson, and Kiana Wilson.

She comes from a wealthy family that was well-settled when she was growing up with both of her parents.

Her birth name is Lisa Rose Neeleman which was give to her by both of her parents.

She is a full-American native of Salt Lake, Utah, the same as everyone in her family.

She is of mixed heritage and ethnicity, but we don’t have the full details concerning everything to the roots.

Her father’s name is Gary Neeleman. He is a former professional football player who did well during his prime days.

Her mother’s name is Rose Neeleman, there isn’t so much on her, but she is a huge part of Lisa’s life.

Most of her growing up is still private as she hasn’t revealed anything concerning that part of her life.

She enjoyed a lot of privileges when growing up under the roof of her parents who were capable of everything.

She grew up alongside her six siblings, who all lived together with their parents as children.

Lisa Wilson had a good upbringing which impacted her life, so she is doing well as a responsible woman and mother today.

Zach Wilson Mother

Zach Wilson Mom

Lisa Wilson is Zach Wilson’s mom. He is a professional American football player.

She is a huge part of her son’s life, as they have been on the same journey with so much happening over the years.

Their relationship bond is stronger than any despite their separate lives.

Zach Wilson mom, Lisa Wilson, is always around to ensure her son is doing well.

Aside from the mother and son bond, they also share a lot in common, and they are both athletes who always train and stay fit.

Lisa is a personal trainer, which has kept her more closer to her son, who often hits the gym together.

There has also been a lot that took the media by storm from the Wilson family involving the mother and son.

Zach Wilson’s mother came out at a time to clear out an allegation against her son sleeping with one of her friends.

Zach’s former girlfriend made claims of a relationship going on between her boyfriend and his mother’s friend.

Lisa Wilson is still married to her son’s father, Michael Wilson, and they live together.

She has been married since 1997 to her faithful husband, and they gave birth to Zach Wilson together.

Zach Wilson isn’t the only child, he has five other siblings making them all six children.

Lisa Children

Lisa Children

Lisa Wilson is a mother of six children in a big happy family.

Her children’s names are Micah Wilson, Zach Wilson, Josh Wilson, Isaac Wilson, Whitney Wilson, and Kiana Wilson.

She has four male children and two daughters.

Lisa’s sons are involved in sports; some are specialized in track, while others are on the field.

She is a blessed mother who does not take all the credit for the success of her children who have their father Michael Wilson.

Aside from the success of Lisa’s son, her daughter is also doing well, but they are not like the sports freaks of the family.

Her daughters are into another part of life and are doing everything possible to make their career paths.

We can say her daughter is more of their father, a regular man who does well for himself.

All the children from the Wilson family have a great connection and are all together on most occasions.

Zach Wilson’s mother does so much to ensure there is always support for anyone in the family.

Lisa Wilson’s Net Worth

Lisa Wilson Net Worth

She has a net worth of $2 million. Lisa Wilson earns from her professional career.

She comes from a wealthy family and has also ensured she does not end up with the family legacy of wealth.

As a professional trainer, she has worked with so many male and female athletes throughout her life.

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She is a chef and social media influencer who runs a channel where she uploads her cook videos, which also earn her money.

Her success is spread in different areas she specializes in, which is also going smoothly.

She holds a position at Treehouse Athletic club as a group fitness instructor.

She is a big deal in the world of fitness and training a lot of people.

Lisa is also involved in the fashion industry, owning a brand that is selling pretty well and fast.

Zach Wilson’s mom is a comfortable independent woman doing so well to make enough wealth for herself.

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