Adrian Peterson Wife: Ashley Brown Bio

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Ashley Brown

Ashley Brown is a businesswoman, influencer and the wife of Adrian Peterson.

She is a successful woman who has made everything work out for herself despite the huge figure of her partner.

Her success isn’t tied to her relationship with her husband, but many might say they both rob each other of success.

Ashley Brown Biography

Ashley Brown

She was born on January 31 1986, in Houston, Texas, in the United States of America. Ashley Brown is 36 years old as of 2022.

Her birthday always happens on January 31, with all her family and friends presenting her with many things.

She grew up in Houston, Texas, the same place she met her partner, and they went on making a life for themselves.

Name Ashley Brown
Age 36 years old
Date Of Birth January 31 1986
Career Beautiful
Spouse Adrian Peterson

Ashley Brown is an American citizen by birth and sees all her family members based in the same United States of America.

Her height is 5.6 inches tall with a great body figure that gives many vibes.

She has a nice body which is well taken care of by her, and despite her age, she still looks much younger.

While growing up, her parents did a lot to make sure she got a better life, making her the woman she is today.

She didn’t have to struggle with a lot as a child with so much help from her parents, who had decent jobs.

She grew up with love and a positive impact from her family and community, where many people admire her.

Adrian Peterson Wife

Adrian Peterson Wife

Ashley Brown is the wife of NFL running back Adrian Peterson.

Their relationship has overcome many controversies that have hit them over the years.

They have built on a solid foundation, which is why they still have each other by their side today.

Ashley Brown and Adrian Peterson have come a long way from their days of being college sweethearts.

They started dating at a young age, which saw them working and building together.

The couple were already in love during their time at the University of Oklahoma, where they built everything.

Things wasn’t that smooth during their University days as they were doing on and off a relationship due to many things happening in their lives.

They later made good of everything and decided to take their relationship very seriously with each other.

The couple also kept things hidden in their relationship and didn’t want much interference from the media.

During their time together, they already started having their children in 2011 when they had their first child.

Ashley Brown and Adrian Peterson secretly married in 2014 in a low-key gathering with many people’s attention.

The couple later confirmed they were legally married, which was made public during a gala.

They continued giving birth to more children as their relationship blossomed amid controversies.

Despite reports of abuse surrounding Adrian, the couple has remained solid and working toward the betterment of their family.

They are happy and still going well in their marriage with their big family.

Ashley Career

Ashley Career

Ashley is a businesswoman and CEO who has established herself into who she is today.

She is doing so well for herself in her respective field of work and fetching a lot of income.

She is the founder of Elizabella cosmetics, founded in 2018, having put in a lot of hard work.

While growing up, she always had a passion for fashion and beauty, thanks to her mother, and she took on from her school days.

At age five, Ashley Brown got her first makeup play kit from her mother as a gift which she loved and cherished.

She watched her mother use a lot of beauty stuff but couldn’t use them due to her little age.

At age 21, Ashley started pushing as a model and worked in Los Angeles, California.

Ashley Brown worked with Ford Models and Abrams artists agency for a long time before moving on.

She also co-owns A&A Peterson Family Foundation with her husband, which is aimed at helping people with resources.

She is a success and has a lot of stories that come along the way of her making it to the top.

Ashley Brown Children

Ashley Brown Children

Ashley is the mother of two children and stepmom to so many others with her husband, Adrian Peterson.

She is the biological mother to just two children with her husband, the father of four others.

Her children names are Adrian Peterson Jr and Axyl Eugene Peterson who are both of eldest of the family.

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Adrian Peterson Jr was born in 2011 before Ashley married her husband very early in their relationship.

He is 11 years old as of today, 2022, his birthday already took place, and both of his parents were there to celebrate with him.

Axyl Eugene Peterson was born seven years ago. He is just seven years old today, and it also marks his birthday early.

Ashley Brown has been a supportive mother and wife to her husband, who seems to have a lot of extramarital affairs.

Adrian Peterson has over six children and four baby mamas who have had babies over the years.

He also lost one of his children, who died due to injuries at just two years old, without the NFL player’s knowledge of having him as a son.

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