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Alia Plant

Alia Plant is Caleb Plant Daughter who didn’t get to live so long with her family before her death.

She suffered a lot when she was alive and her parents were always in constant agony.

She is one warrior child who endured so much in the last stages of her life before finally giving up the ghost.

Alia Plant Biography

Alia Plant

She was born May 7, 2013, in the United States of America which is the same place her parents are based.

Alia Plant died on January 19, 2015, making her just one-year plus some months old before passing away.

Her growing up wasn’t good at all as she had to go through a lot of pain and suffering which was extreme for someone at her age.

NameAlia Plant
Age 1 Year Old
Date Of BirthMay 7, 2013
Cause Of DeathBrain Abnormality And Seizures
Parents Caleb Plant
Jordan Plant

She tried her possible best to keep fighting which was something that made her family very proud and happy to know she didn’t just give up on life.

Her parents couldn’t help a lot as they had to just do everything in their power to make sure she carried on and lived longer.

Her father’s name is Caleb Plant, he is a professional boxer who won multiple belts to his name in his fighting career.

Her mother’s name is Jordan Plant, she is a news reporter and journalist for Fox Sports.

Caleb Plant daughter spent her last day on earth with her family and loved ones who were there when it all ended.

Caleb Plant Daughter

Caleb Plant Daughter

Caleb Plant Daughter is Alia Plant, they both shared so many memories and so many were just so emotional.

The relationship between the boxer and her late daughter was very strong with them spending the most time at the hospital.

For some other people, father and daughter time is always something good and happy to talk about.

But for Caleb Plant daughter, it was just so emotional as they were always spending more time in the hospital than in other places.

Despite how things were bad, there were still some good days when Caleb Plant daughter was fine, and it was mostly the happiest time in their family.

There was a time when Alia Plant was in the hospital and going through a lot of unbearable pains which saw her father whispering into her ears.

Caleb Plant asked his daughter if she was tired of going through such pain and everything, he also added that he told her he won’t be disappointed if she is tired.

He went on to say that they love her no matter what, and they will accept whatever decision she wants them to make concerning her suffering.

Things didn’t change afterward as the doctors lately placed an ultimatum on Caleb Plant daughter saying she won’t be able to hold on much longer.

Caleb insisted on the doctors to continue doing what they can to keep her alive while all the family members had to decide to say their goodbyes.

It was an emotional time for the family who all gathered together on that sad day to say goodbye while the doctors cleaned Alia up.

Caleb Plants Daughter had her last breath and was confirmed dead on January 19, 2015, in the presence of all family members who said their goodbyes.

Caleb Plant Daughter Cause Of Death

Caleb Plant Daughter Cause Of Death

Caleb Plant daughter cause of death was due to an unknown brain abnormality that caused multiple seizures.

The kind of condition she suffered had no name and no cure could have saved her despite everything that was done.

Alia Plant suffered a lot of pain and most of her life she spent it at the hospital which was always a place like her home.

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Her parents were always on standby knowing their daughter could go down any moment with seizures which comes more often.

Caleb Plant daughter could go on suffering more than a hundred seizures in just a couple of days which affected her so badly.

Things got worst when Caleb Plant Daughter contracted a respiratory infection which led to her being rushed to the hospital.

Her infection developed into pneumonia very quickly and there was nothing so much to do on saving her life despite all the treatment.

Caleb Plant Daughter gave up the ghost soon after on January 2015 around 10:55 Am in front of her family members who were all around her.

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