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US Open Prize Money 2022 [Full Table]

US Open Prize Money 2022

The prize money at the US Open 2022 has been announced, breaking the previous record of $57.5 million.

The new US Open Prize Money 2022 is over $60 million.

The overall prize money pool for 2022 is now at $60,102,000, the best sum ever presented, and represents an increase of 4.59% compared to 2022.

The tournament winner in New York will walk away with a check for $2,600,000. The new prize money marks a 4% increase over the prize money that Daniil Medvedev and Emma Radacanu received a year ago when they won their first Grand Slam titles.

Following the conclusion of the championship match, the runner-up will receive $1,300,000, which is 4% more than they would have received in 2021.

All of the rounds in the main draw saw comparable gains compared to a year ago, with the first-round losers bagging themselves $80,000, which is 6.67% more than in 2021.

The winners of the men’s and women’s doubles competitions will each share a cheque for $688,000, an increase of 4.24% compared to 2021.

In addition to the prize money, the USTA has contributed over $6 million to the qualifying draw. The new money represents a 223% increase from the amount contributed in 2016.

US Open 2022 Prize Money Breakdown

US Open Prize Money 2022

The following tables provide a complete round-by-round breakdown of the prize money at this year’s US Open tournament.

The men’s and women’s singles and the men’s and women’s doubles are all included in this breakdown.

The prize money is in various currencies; the dollar sums are in British pounds and European euros. The currency rate displayed is accurate as of August.

However, it will be adjusted to reflect the mid-market exchange rate on the day of the final, after the competition ends.

You can also view the percentage increase or decrease in prize money offered compared to the previous year.

Men & Women Singles

US Dollar

Round 4$278,000$265,000$250,000$280,000$266,000$253,625$235,000$213,575$187,300$165,000$120,000$110,000$100,000
Round 3$188,000$180,000$163,000$163,000$156,000$144,000$140,000$120,200$105,090$93,000$65,000$55,000$50,250
Round 2$121,000$115,000$100,000$100,000$93,000$86,000$77,188$68,600$60,420$53,000$37,000$31,000$31,000
Round 1$80,000$75,000$61,000$58,000$54,000$50,000$43,313$39,500$35,754$32,000$23,000$19,000$19,000

British Sterling Pound

Note that the conversion rates used in all of the historical calculations for the prize money at the US Open are based on those that were in effect on the day of the final for each of the years listed.

Round 4£236,411£193,064£191,043£208,768£204,238£192,201£176,200£138,460£116,285£104,905£74,682£69,374£64,387
Round 3£159,875£131,138£124,560£121,533£119,779£109,126£104,970£77,925£65,245£59,128£40,453£34,687£32,355
Round 2£102,898£83,783£76,417£74,560£71,407£65,172£57,875£44,473£37,512£33,697£23,027£19,551£19,960
Round 1£68,032£54,641£46,615£43,245£41,462£37,891£32,476£25,608£22,198£20,345£14,314£11,983£12,234


Note that the conversion rates used in all of the historical calculations for the prize money at the US Open are those that were in effect on the day of the final for each of the years listed.

Round 4€279,793€225,580€211,605€237,624€229,445€211,059€209,058€188,887€144,779€124,393€93,356€80,538€76,983
Round 3€189,213€153,224€137,967€138,331€134,562€119,832€124,545€106,306€81,232€70,112€50,568€40,269€38,684
Round 2€121,780€97,893€84,642€84,866€80,219€71,566€68,667€60,670€46,703€39,957€28,785€22,697€23,865
Round 1€80,516€63,843€51,632€49,222€46,579€41,608€38,532€34,934€27,637€24,125€17,893€13,911€14,627

Men & Women Doubles (Per Pair)

2022US DollarBritish PoundEuroChange vs. 2021
Round 3$56,400£47,963€56,7814%
Round 2$35,800£30,444€36,0425%
Round 1$21,300£18,114€21,4447%



US Open

The US Open 2022 prize money is constantly up for discussion, so fans have various inquiries on the matter. The following are some of the more frequent ones that we hear.

Is US Open Prize Money Taxed?

Yes. The local government’s revenues from players in local tennis events are subject to taxation.

As a result, to compete in the US Open, players are subject to the standard tax rate in the United States, which varies from 10% to 35% based on the player’s earnings.

Due to Double Tax Treaties, which typically exist to prevent people from being taxed twice on the same income, participants do not have to pay taxes to their home governments on the prize money they win.

Are Younger Players At US Open Eligible For Prize Money?

Because the US Open junior tournaments are amateur competitions, there is no prize money up for grabs for the winners. However, they get ranking points for their participation in the competition.

Why Did The US Open Prize Money Decrease In 2021?

Due to the 2020 pandemic, and the fans not being permitted to attend the competition, the US Open prize money got reduced by 6.70 percent.

A drop in revenue was unavoidable in the absence of spectators because ticket sales, concessions, and merchandise combined make up more than forty percent of the tournament’s total revenue.

It is impressive that they kept most of the prize money, let alone run the event, despite the tournament’s difficulties during that particular year.

Do those who qualify for the US Open receive prize money?

To answer your question, the United States Open will provide the qualifying tournament with $6,250,000 in prize money in 2022.

In the singles competition, sixty-four players vied for one of sixteen qualifying berths available. If a player loses in a qualifying round, they receive a sum of money that grows further as they advance in the tournament.

So, the amount of money up for grabs in the qualifying tournament’s final round prize pool is $44,000.

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