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Tommy Lawrence

The late Tommy Lawrence was a football goalkeeper who played most of his career for Liverpool.

During his active years, he only played for two football clubs in all his career and Scotland national team.

He was a popular figure back then during his playing days which was all in England, which was also his second home.

Tommy Lawrence Biography

Tommy Lawrence

He was born on the 14th of May 1940 in a famous place called Dailly, Ayrshire, Scotland.

Tommy Lawrence should be 82 years old as of 2022 if he were still alive until this moment which would see him mark his birthday in grand style.

He comes from Scotland, where he grew up as a kid until he came of age and moved on in his life.

During his younger age, his parents moved to North West England, where they continued living their livelihood.

His childhood wasn’t too bad by all standards as he enjoyed a lot of privileges provided by his parents.

Their time together as a family was excellent as they had one who shared a lot of connections with each other.

He wasn’t the only child of his family as his parents had other children to also care for when they were all growing up.

His mother’s name is Ruby Lawrence, and she is a homemaker who did so much to ensure everything was good for her family.

His father’s name is Frank Lawrence; he is a well-known person in their community; he was a social worker.

Ruby and Frank did so much in terms of providing for their children, who are three in number, including Tommy Lawrence.

He had an elder brother named William Lawrence; there isn’t so much available about him.

He also had a younger sister, Mary Lawrence; information concerning her is also unavailable now.

Tommy Lawrence’s full names are Thomas Johnstone Lawrence, which was the name given to him by his parents.

Tommy Career

Tommy Career

He only played for two clubs throughout his football career as a goalkeeper.

He developed a love for football at a young age, and his parents put him into a local Academy to start his development.

Tommy Lawrence started football as a youth with Warrington Town when he was still a young kid.

His development caught the eyes of many teams who scouted him when he was still an armature.

In 1957, he got his first professional deal with Liverpool, which Phil Taylor was handling.

Tommy was 17 years old when he signed his contract and didn’t get the opportunity to play until 1962, when he made his debut against West Brom.

His impressive display for that season continued as he claimed the number one goalkeeper shirt with the club, which gave him his first shot.

His appearance continued to increase as he was first able to play in 35 games for Liverpool.

He continued to improve his performance, earning him a permanent position on the team for many years.

His stay with Liverpool started in 1957 and carried on until 1971, at which time he established himself as one of the best goalkeepers.

He was able to make over 390 appearances for Liverpool, which was during his 14 years playing for the Premier League club.

Tommy Lawrence joined Tranmere Rovers on the 10th of November 1971 after a fantastic spell with Liverpool.

His journey under Tranmere Rovers was the last stage of his career which he didn’t get to play more often.

He spent over three years before ending things with the club, where he made over 80 appearances in goal.

Tommy Lawrence moved to a none league team Chorley which was where he hung his boots, calling it an end to his active playing career.

Tommy International Career

Tommy International Career

Tommy Lawrence was a huge part of Scotland’s national team, where he played a few games.

His club career was excellent, but when it came to the national team, there was always a difference.

He struggled to get attention, and due to the limited time his country appeared in competitions, he was lucky enough.

He started with Scotland Under 23 team, in which he only managed just one appearance.

His debut for Scotland national team was in a friendly match in 1963, where he was the goalkeeper against the Republic of Ireland.

After that game, he didn’t get a call-up for many years despite his growth with the Liverpool football club.

Six years later, Tommy was called up for Scotland’s national team in a match with West Germany in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers in 1970.

He also kept against Wales in a local competition which made it his 3rd appearance for Scotland.

All his appearance for the National team is on the record as just three games in which he was number one on the matchday.

Tommy Lawrence’s last game for his country ended with the goalkeeper taken out of the match after a severe collision with the goalpost.

Tommy Lawrence Death

Tommy Lawrence Death

Tommy Lawrence died on the 10th of January 2018 in Warrington in England, United Kingdom.

He died when he was just 77 years old and didn’t celebrate his 78th birthday that year, 2018.

Upon his retirement from active football, Tommy moved into another path in life which he worked with a company.

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He worked with Rylands, a wire manufacturer company in the United Kingdom, where he lived with his family.

He was with them for years until he became old and stopped working with the company.

His last days were terrific as he ensured his family and friends were always around him.

He did a lot for everybody as he is one friendly person who gave out and helped the needy.

His last interview was with BBC Radio; it occurred in a street where he was seen and put on the spot.

That was the last time he was seen on television before; three years later, his death made headlines.

Liverpool did a remembrance and honored him the year he died of an undisclosed issue.

Tommy Lawrence achieved a lot before his death in 2018, and he is forever in the heart of so many people.

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