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Benjamin Aguero

Benjamin Aguero is a child celebrity and the son of retired football player Sergio Aguero.

He is considered a lucky boy for being part of the football star family, known to be doing well financially.

Benjamin is not famous compared to other celebrities, children whose names are already known and already have a profile.

Benjamin Aguero Biography

Benjamin Aguero

He was born on February 19, 2009, in a south American country known as Argentina.

Benjamin Aguero is 13 years old as of 2022; his birthday was celebrated early in the year by his parents, who are doing a lot for him.

He was born into a family of football greatest and legends who have made names for themselves before retiring.

He is still a child who is growing up under the roof of his parents, which makes it hard to get enough details concerning him.

His life is barely getting started, but there is so much attention based on the kind of family he has.

His father is Sergio Aguero, a football player legend at Manchester City.

His mother’s name is Gianinna Maradona. She is a model and an entrepreneur.

His grandfather’s name is Diego Armando Maradona, a legendary figure in the world of football, and he is also late.

His family has fame written of them, from his grandfather to his father, who has so much in common.

The spotlight is on Benjamin Aguero, who many are expecting to take up the boots of his grandfather and father to become one of the greatest football players.

His family is doing everything to make sure he is not rushed quickly into making decisions based on the expectations of people.

His growing up is monitored closely by his parents as he could be the next big name in the football world in the coming years.

Sergio Aguero Son

Sergio Aguero Son

Benjamin Aguero is the son of former Manchester City and Argentina star Sergio Aguero.

The bond between the father and son is powerful as they always do much together during their free time.

He is looking forward to taking over the boost his father hanged after he went into early retirement.

His father’s retirement was due to a health condition discovered after signing a deal with Barcelona.

He had to quit football after advice from his doctors, who dimmed him not strong enough to carry on playing actively.

Benjamin is now next in line to carry on the legacy of establishing himself as a goal-scoring football player.

It won’t be an easy task for the kid who is just 13 years old and has yet to show any sign of severe talents in him.

But his father revealed Benjamin is with Argentine local side Tigre where he is nurturing his talent into becoming a footballer.

There are a lot of prospects set for the young football player. Many look forward to seeing him fill up the boots left behind by the likes of his father and grandfather.

His parents are also doing everything possible to protect him from media pressure because they want him to put his head in the right place.

Benjamin Grandfather

Benjamin Grandfather

Benjamin Aguero is the grandson of late legendary football figure Diego Maradona who is well-respected in Argentina.

During his playing days, he was one of the best players who were able to achieve so much both for club and country.

There are so many stories of Maradona which are all legendary, and they still live on in the memories of many people.

His grandfather, up until he died, had people all over him wherever he went due to his name and popularity worldwide.

He didn’t see his grandfather play but watched many videos about him during his active days.

He wants to become like his grandfather, a world cup winner and has also achieved much more than his dad Sergio Aguero.

Benjamin Aguero only spent a few years with his grandfather before he died recently.

He died of a complicated health issue he had been battling for a long time due to his old age.

His death was also a shock to so many as it sent the world into mourning for the loss of a legend who put smiles on the face of many.

Benjamin Education

Benjamin Education

Benjamin still goes to school as his parents want him to get educated, while he also focuses on football.

He is going to a school close to his parent’s house as they want to have a close watch on his growth.

There is not enough information concerning the school he is attending despite how much digging.

His parents are doing everything possible to put his education first as he currently attends one of the best schools.

He should be in age grade classes for now while practicing more football during his spare time.

His grades are also coming up well, as his parents always praise him for making him do better.

As of today, the information we have is that he lives in Argentina, where he is schooling.

His progress in school is looking good, and he should be moving on to the next level until his football career kicks off fully.

Benjamin Aguero Career

Benjamin Aguero Career

He is working toward a career in football like his father and grandfather.

There is a lot of weight on his shoulder due to his family background, who already produced two legends.

His family has his father, the highest goal scorer in Manchester City history.

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His family also has his grandfather Diego Maradona, a legendary figure whose name former remains in the history of football.

There is a lot of star power which already put so many eyes on him as the next person to take over.

He is playing under the youth team of the Argentina side Tigre where his father is also watching him closely.

His father, Sergio Aguero, is also working to become a football coach in the coming years.

He is also training alongside his son, who he hopes can make into a better player, just like Cristiano Ronaldo and other stars who have their son in football.

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