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Jessica Ditzel Bio Career Joe Rogan Wife

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Jessica Ditzel

Jessica Ditzel is a model, hollywood actress, and the wife of Joe Rogan.

She is a woman who has achieved so many things for herself before meeting her husband, who added more to her already made fame.

Her decade-long career has been extraordinary for many; it is hard for them to achieve such a feat as she has throughout her life.

Jessica Ditzel Biography

Jessica Ditzel

She was born on July, 18 1975, in Sugarland, Texas, United States of America.

Jessica Ditzel is 47 years old in 2022; she has already marked her birthday for the year.

Her life growing up was good as she was born into a family of people who were already famous and well known all over the United States of America.

Her parents were comfortable people who made sure her childhood was the best many other kids wish they had during her time growing up.

She was mainly attached to her father, who taught her a lot of things growing up as they would always be hanging out together.

It was a beautiful life for Jessica Ditzel when she was still little as everything was in the perfect place with her family, her life included.

Her father’s name is Jeff Conrad Ditzel; he is a guitarist and a musician who is popularly known across the globe for his records.

Her mother’s name is Donna Ziemer Diztel; she is also a musician who has made her mark in the music scene during her prime.

We don’t have so much information on Jessica Ditzel’s siblings, but we only know about her elder sister, who is known as Trinity.

She did her growing up with her elder sister, who helped her so much in many things and made practice music together.

They both had to do so much together from an early age, but as of today, we don’t know if they are still close as they used to be as children.

Jessica had so much coming from her parents growing up, which helped her become who she is today.

Joe Rogan Wife

Joe Rogan Wife

Jessica Ditzel is the wife of UFC commentator, actor, and comedian Joe Rogan.

They have been together as husband and wife over the past years, and their love keeps getting stronger by the day.

Their relationship commenced in 2001 after they first came in contact with each other, leading to many things happening later that day.

We can’t confirm if they did meet early than 2001 since that was the time they went official about their relationship.

We only can say they started seeing each other in 2001 with them claiming to have met in a bar where they both went to have a drink.

Luckily for Jessica and Joe Rogan, their meeting ended up well as they got to exchange contacts with each other.

They had so many private meetings which, at first, they weren’t looking to make their relationship official based on the fact that they were still getting to know each other.

Things soon got serious between them as they saw each other more often than they used to until they decided on making it official.

As of the early stages of Jessica and Joe’s relationship, it wasn’t that smooth with her in a relationship where she had a daughter.

Joe was a calm man who knew what he wanted in Jessica as he took his time to ensure everything was good before they made things public.

They got married in 2009 after eight years of relationship, which was something they had to make sure it was a forever affair between them.

Their wedding wasn’t a lavish one as they wanted to make everything happen on a low key knowing they aren’t the kind who like attention.

They are happily married with their children, making them one big family who supports and cares for each other.

Jessica Career

Jessica Career

Jessica Ditzel is a singer, model, and Hollywood actress who have done so much for herself over the years.

After completing her education, Jessica went into the real world to pursue a career in entertainment.

It wasn’t easy for her as she had to make a path for herself, leaving her parents, who had, in many ways, helped push her through the course.

Her first job to make money was for her to work as a waitress in a bar in one of the biggest cities in the world, known as California in the United States of America.

She worked there for a long time as a young lady trying to make something for herself after moving out of her parent’s home.

Her breakthrough came when she had the opportunity to work with a Korean brand as a model for them following her application.

Her first job opened the way for her as she established herself as one of the top models in the business.

M Model Management manages her; aside from being a model, she has also worked an office job for cars and technology companies.

Jessica Ditzel Children

Jessica Ditzel Children

Jessica Ditzel is a blessed mother who has three children in which, two of them are with her husband, Joe Rogan.

Their names are Rosy, Lola, and Kayja Rose; they are all the children of their mother, Jessica, who love them equally.

Kayja Rose is the eldest amongst all her children, who she gave birth to with her ex-husband, who is late.

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She was born in 1996; she is currently 26 years old; she Is a singer just like her mother and grandfather.

Jessica and Joe welcomed their first child Lola, together in 2007; she is 15 years old as of 2022.

They had their second child Rosy four years later, which made her 13 years as of 2022.

All of Jessica’s children are doing well for themselves in their respective lives, but Lola and Rosy still live under their parents and studying for now.

Their elder sister Kayja is doing so well for herself as she often shares photos of herself via her social media.

Jessica Ditzel now has a happy that she is focused on taking care of during her free time.

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